Saturday, October 20, 2007

WaLk for the CuRe

Yeah, it's supposed to be "Run for the Cure," but, you know, the kids were with us. Otherwise, I definately would have run. Ha! I'm funny. But really, thank you summer for inviting us to walk. The kids were really into it and it felt great to do something so feel good for such an amazing cause. I loved it!

Don't foget to check out myspace for additional photos.


Anonymous said...

My friend Amy Williamson was at the race with Molly Ross and they saw someone walk by with a t-shirt that said "In memory of Carol Gilliland." Thought that was nice, but I wonder who it was??? Claudia???

ginny said...

It was Paula Hearn...I know, that is sweet. Wish I had thought to do that. Oh well, next year!

MossmanFamily said...

It really was such a great time!! Next year, if we plan a little better, it will be awesome!