Monday, November 26, 2007

hi-ho, hi-ho, to the doctor we go...

What an amzingly horrible couple of days I've been subjected to!! Now, I'm not complaining tooooo much because I have definately had worse (read: rotavirus at 9 months!!!! WORST SICKNESS TO DATE). But, my Lord. The Sickness That Has Invaded Our House. And I'm not even talking about vomit. Which everyone knows sends me right over the edge. Grace has a "bacterial throat infection." Which means, in layman's terms, that he tested for strep. Negative. He tested for Mono. Negative. Thankfuckinggod (Because I asked what that would mean and he said 2 weeks in bed...)So, the winner is the above diagnosis. Her throat looked so bad the doctor MADE me look at it. Even after I told him I didn't like that kind of thing. But he would not take no for an answer. So I looked. And people, it was sick. It looked like an explosion of pus, swelling and red dots. Which is why I didn't wanna look in the first place!!! So she gets a z-pack which is supposed to kill every bad (and prolly good) bacteria in your entire body. If this doesn't work who knows what they will do. He was pretty sure it was all related to that damn streppppppclkjdlkjfcous, or however it's spelled. Damn those strep bacteria's. They never die. Grrrrrr.....

So, of course, I had our new fine doctor peeeek inside Sydney's ears and BAM-O! double ear infection. He said they looked awful. But he didn't make me look. And she had no fever. Still hasn't. Weird, huh? So we left that fine establishment with antibiotics for all. Which is the first time they had both been on them at the same time. Lucky again.

Fast forward to today, Tuesday. Grace was feeling 90 percent better, but because of the 105 fever yesterday, I agreed to keep her home from school. Begrudingly. Kidding. I decided to send Sydney since she never had a fever. WE WERE SO SICK OF EACH OTHER. All of us. Grace was hyper/loud/jumpy/talkative. I was sooo happy she was feeling better, but, my God The Talking. And once Sydney was home from school, the talking to me shifted to the bothering of her. I'm sure it was because she was bored. But she was pissing the 2 year old off and LOVING every minute of it. I wanted to kill them both.

And then Sydney fell off a chair and damn near knocked out her teeth. It was the shit-icing on top of the vomit cake. But, alas, she was fine. Again, it could have been much worse. Of course, she talked about her boo-boo on her cheek/chin the rest of the entire night. But, hell, I don't really blame her. She gave herself one mighty fine shiner.

Bedtime, glorious bedtime. And my head is freakin' killing me (and my throat kinda hurts too...NOOOOOOO).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flashback Tuesday

Just perusing through the photos and came upon Grace's first birthday. A few things stuck out.

Exhibit A: My husband and daughter were in dire need of a tan---damn those Chicago winters (...notice I don't show a picture of myself).

Exhibit B: I had a lot of freakin' time on my hands. Look at the detail on that cake!! Good times. Poor Sydney

Exhibit C: WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE??????????????????? It's only been 6 years, can you imagine how I'm going to feel in the year 2021??

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Hens--a montage

Well, folks, this is really a shout out to my Oklahoma City girlfriends, aptly named, The Hens. One of our husbands overheard us talking one day and said we sounded like a bunch of clucking hens, thus our name. These are the ladies that I met at Grace's mother's day out a short 4? years ago. And now we are like family. Closer than family, really. There are 13 kids between the 6 of us and, no shit if they don't think they are related.

Oh we've had our ups and downs. I mean how could you not with such smart, interesting, outspoken, stubborn and opinionated women. But with the exception of one fall out (see monkey/dinosaur on montage), we've stuck together. We all have our own set of strengths and limitations that truly make us who we are as individuals and as a group.

So, this is for you, ladies. Thank you for filling my monotonous days with laughter and friendship. I (and the kids) love you (and your kids).

Sisters forever!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Hey, I'm on time about things that matter...I finally stole some pics off my dads camera and they're cute!! This is our new neighbor, who is also in kindergarten with G. I'm prolly gonna get sued for not marking out her face--but I forgot how to do that!

Here is our adorable family, plus scary butler guy rented for the Deadman's Ball the night before, plus Lily. Who might as well be part of our family. Isn't Wade's costume awesome?? More on that later.

And here is the 2nd little-ist witch, although she acts like the biggest one. HA! Isn't she cute??

And then there's me. What am I you ask? I'm a plus size Vampiress. Oh, relax, I'm not getting insecure, I accidently bought the plus size costume. ( wasn't that big!). I looked so inspired, no?

And then there's Wade. Let's get one thing straight. This was his costume for the Halloween party the night before. He did not trampce around Crown Heights in this get-up.
Look closely...he's the snake charmer.
So inappropriate and funny as hell!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

flashback Tuesday

No words can express the love I have for this picture.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It all ends up in the same place

What an amazing day!!! It's funny how your day can start off so ho-hum and end up spectacular. Well, that my be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was a damn fine day!! We went to brunch with my good friend Kathryn (sans Grace-she was with Daddy Dad). The little girls were soooo good and had soooo much fun. I just want to start out by apologizing to Kathryn for Sydney teaching Hailey J. the art of dipping.

Oh, I'm sure you are thinking about ketchup or ranch. Nope. It's milk.

I do not know why, but lately Sydney has been dipping, dunking and downright soaking all her food items in milk. It really is disgusting. The only thing I can make of it is that she loves cereal with milk, and the idea from that was born. Maybe? She made Grace so sick the other day putting, no lie here, green beans and peaches in her milk and then eating/drinking it all. What? It all goes to the same place, right? It's still apart of all the major food groups. Just really wet and nasty!!

Anyway, we had a blast catching up and because of our schedules, we never get to see each other. SO FUN!!!

And THEN, my friend Meredith (here from Cali) came by with her kids (age 1 and 3). They just played and played. Of course, Grace was in charge of the trampoline rules and etiquette. So we got to catch up.

And THEN, my other friend from highschool, Kadie, came over with her little girl (11 months). She and Meredith had seen each other last night at a wedding and made plans to do this get-together. So then we got to catch up. It was an afternoon of catching up!!

And THEN, my husband came home for the night.

Perfection, I tell ya.

Monday, November 05, 2007

she didn't have it for 6 years

I'm talking about STREP THROAT!!!! She's had it 2 times in one month. Ok, fine, I didn't quite finish ALL the antibiotics last time, but my God. 10 days...2 times a day... that shit is tough. No, but really the PA said it probably wasn't because of that. SO THERE!! All you haters.

I'm back to washing my hands like a mad woman. Not letting Grace breath near Sydney. It makes me nervous. I don't want the little bi-polar lady to get it. She would NOT be a good patient. Just a feeling.

Anyone wanna babysit tomorrow? C'mon, she's cute...and she wears her headbands like this? How could you say no to that?!?!?

Saturday, November 03, 2007