Tuesday, June 17, 2008

mid-summerish checkin

It's a summer of highs and lows so far...

Highlight #1: summer is here and Grace continues to want to be entertained at theater camp ALL DAY LONG, just like last year. And I have to say, she was unbelievable in her first performance. Sorry, I don't have any picture or video, which leads me into the...

Lowlight #1:
my purse and all its contents were stolen from my car. Yes, the window was shattered and my precious coach bag, coach wallet, brand spankin new camera, car keys, checkbook,$100 and other important things were ripped from my life forever. And yes, you heard that correctly, the car keys, the ones that could have been inserted into said car and driven off. And yes, the checkbook, with the home address typed on the front. but....

Highlight#2: the next morning an amazing human that is going straight to heaven, found my keys, checkbook, drivers license! and miscellaneous items. The man actually called my bank to report that he had found these things dumped in a trash can. Good people.

Highlight #3:
Sydney is officially pee-pee potty trained. I was always going to try the week of Memorial Day, but she decided to do it on her own the week before. Words cannot describe how exciting this time is. She has only had 1 accident since the last week in May. Seriously amazing. We are working on the poop thing now.

Lowlight #3:
Sydney's anesthesiologist took his own life a couple weeks ago. Apparently he was pretty deep into drugs and alcohol. Good to know.

Highlight #4:
My social/lazy life abruptly ended the first week of June when I was 2nd in charge of the vacation bible school at my church. WOW. It was the busiest I've been in a very long time. When I left around 12:30 everyday, I could have gone home and slept for the rest of the evening. But my kids weren't allowing that. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers--KJ I'm talking to you! I'll be in charge of it next year. Lord, help me. No, really, Lord, I need helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowlight #4:
Sydney is still scared of all bugs living on this planet. Upon seeing them they are met with blood curdling screams. Good God child it's a flippin beetle.

Highlight #5:
We were at the park the other day for a fourth of July float meeting, which included some chips,lemonade and random neighborhood children when Sydney shouted at me from across the park, "Mom, is this my birthday party???" Funniest thing I've heard since Grace's wedding observations.

We decided last minute not to go to the Death Cab for Cutie show in Dallas. Me=Sad.

I believe that wraps it up thus far. So, until the next installment...