Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm Baaaaackkkkk!

Sorry people!! We have been without a computer for over a week now and finally bought a new laptop! It's been killing me! I haven't looked at a computer in over a week and now that I have access to one I'm too overwhelmed to check all the blogs!!

Anyway, Las Vegas was fabu! I swear Wade had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming on Sunday. My personal heaven is Vegas. I love the whole vibe of that city, not to mention the food and gambling, my 2 favorite past times. wow, simply spectacular fun.

Wade always has his eyes out for me for movie stars anywhere we go and, sure enough, as I was playing some cards I hear Wade yelling at me from another table, "Ginny, there's your guys." I look up thinking, HUH?? and sure enough there was Carlos and Mike from desperate housewives. Exciting, no?

I have so much going on at work, but I'll save that for another post. I'll just leave you with a couple pics from the trip.! Missed y'all!!

Here is Wade's best friend from Altus, Jeremy, who was recently dumped by his wife of 6 years. ouch.

And here we are at MIX at Mandalay Bay. Probably the coolest looking restaurant/bar I've personally ever witnessed. Aren't we precious?!? Yea, you know I'm showing a little cleavage in Vegas...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

I am really not one to get all into the birthday cheer, but thanks to my 5 year old (and my 36 year old) there's no getting around it. Grace reminded me at least 6 days prior to the big day that "3 more days..." etc. All that to say, my darling hubby has far exceeded expectations again. We've got the big trip to Vegas this weekend (sooooooo excited I can barely stand it!!!!!!!!!!) but also an ungodly amount of gifts. He thrives on this and now he's got the little one in on it too. I can already see that he is making Grace into the gift giving fool that he is. She made me a total of 12 drawings and helped him pick everything out. Yesterday (my actual birthday) right before her ballet performance she was "sharing" with the group. Mind you she stated this in front of the entire group of parents, "Grace what would you like to share today?" "Today is my mom's birthday and I picked her out a lacy bra and panties for her!" THANKS!! However, the point not to be lost is that I really do need these things and Grace knew that, hence, she picked them out all by herself. The whole gift was entirely her idea. And this is where I get happy. My husband has this uncanny ability to pick out gifts for people that they will love and need. He seems to be passing this ability on to Grace. So proud! because if you think about this, that ability is pretty rare. I know it is impossible for me; I'll think about what to get someone (including my husband) for hours!!! And then Wade will think of something and it will be PERFECT AND WHY DIDN"T I THINK OF THAT!!
Anywho, the birthday celebration was fabulous if not slightly bittersweet. It was the first time in 33 years that my mom didn't tell me "happy birthday" and, you know, that was tough. I better just get used to it, cause we've got Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Whew. Where is that hole I can crawl into.

Thank you Wade!and Grace! for always knowing just what I need. XOXOX

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just so long as Grace doesn't teach her to be a smart ass

I figured you people were having some Sydney withdrawls, so I am here to present to you the many unique qualities of my child (I am well aware that most of you are now rolling your eyes). I really just can't control myself. Not to mention lil miss Grace is going through some very terrible behavior issues at this time, so I think I'll still to lil miss thang for the time being. So here she is in all her glory:

Here she is placing beads on the little pegboard:

Here she is reading her book while lounging on the floor chair:

Here's a video of her using a fork:

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Here is a video of her coloring:

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Here is a video of her continuing to piss her mom off:

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All this and STILL no walking!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

she's still got it...

Unfortunately Sydney had other things in mind this morning when we took her for surgery.

Yeah. 101 fever. So, no surgery. Dr. K said the risk for pneumonia was too great since she was running the fever. Obviously I was grateful for this for many reasons. 1) clearly we wouldn't want her leaving the office sicker than when she went in and 2)I didn't have to deal with the entire event. I have to admit that I was kinda relieved. I worried about her all weekend and this put us home by 7:30.

Whew. I called her in an antibiotic to clear up the probable ear infection and we will try again another time. I really want to put the whole damn thing off for awhile because, you know, I saw this as a sign.

So, we'll see.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBY!!!! (I won't tell his age...let's just say he's 7 years older than me and I'm about to turn 33...hmmmmmmmmmm)


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gotta love Halloween

Halloween 2006 was a fantastic success. Grace wants me to dress up every year with her, so we decided to both be Wonder woman:

Wow, I'm looking mighty scary! More like Wonder Woman in drag!

Anywho, it was fun. Wade and the two Chris'(his brother) took the big girls while Ashli and I handed out candy. Gotta say I was glad we didn't have to brave the cold, but, damn, if we didn't have hundreds of dressed up (and dressed down) goons. We didn't even have time to perch our lazy asses on the chair. Here are some more pics of the festivities:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

And this is where my job starts to suck...

Ok, I'm kidding about it sucking, I still LOVE it, but yesterday I had to talk to a 16 year old boy who had beat his 33 day old baby so hard it landed her in ICU for many weeks. To the point where the doctors thought she wouldn't make it. Yeah. Nice. The most unbelievable part was the fact that he is absolutely denying it claiming that it had to be his mother. All the evidence points to him (you know, his confession to the cops) and the fact that there is no way she could have done this to herself (his initial response). It is just so f*cking sad, people! I talked to him for about an hour yesterday and he is one of this people that has absolutely NO remorse whatsoever and all he cares about is getting out of detention (he's been in there 99 days). I tried everything to get him to take responsibility for this, but it was like talking to Ted Bundy. Cold, callous and downright scary.

His court date was yesterday to determine what the judge was going to do with him. He already plead guilty about a month ago, but claims it was only to get a lighter sentence. He wanted to be put on probation and released to his grandmother (who is a complete f*cking idiot) and then get treatment in the community. He was SO POSITIVE that the judge was going to let him go home even after I repeatedly told him that I felt he was being overly optimistic. He didn't believe me. Unfortunately for him, the judge placed him in the custody of Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs where he will remain in custody at an inpatient treatment center until he is 20. He was not a happy camper. Me on the other hand, a little happy. And no I don't think this kind of a thing makes me unable to do my job properly. I am simply there to get information and then discuss it with the lawyer. I don't have to stand up and defend him. Thank God for that.

Oh and by the way, his baby is in foster care now and the state is attempting to terminate his parental rights in April. Heavy shit.