Tuesday, August 29, 2006

annoyed beyond belief

I'm tired of my previous post about the 90's. I have 5 pictures of Stella to post that show how big and cute she is getting. BUT I CAN'T FIND THE THINGY THAT CONNECTS THE CAMERA TO THE COMPUTER. This is the kind of thing that drives me absolutely batshit. I'm one of those people that sees this "thingy" and says, "I sure would hate for this to get chewed up by the dogs or the baby, I'll just put it 'here'.

Except I can only remember where 'here' is about half of the time. I know this only lends itself to my complete and utter disorganization. And it pisses me off.

Now I'm sure some of you are wondering how anyone could be this disorganized when one has a housekeeper. Believe it or not, this really only adds to the disorganization problem (I know, cry me a river!). But really, sometimes I'll put the "thingy" in a specific spot only to find it months later piled with a bunch of other "thingy's" and I'll think to myself, "self, there is no way you put that thingy with all those other thingy's right there." But really, I know this problem is mainly mine and I'll continue to work at it, day in and day out, probably for the rest of my life.

So, I'm off to continue my mad quest! Hopefully new pictures will follow!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The 90's

My anniversary has come and gone, but I thought it would be fun to take us through a path down memory lane, a montage of what would be the future Mr. and Mrs. Starr. I'm sure you are now jumping for joy with the excitement!!!!!!!!!!

This first picture was taken in 1995 the year that we met. Dare I tell you that I was a mere 22 years old (Wade was 25!) Don't we look the same! Just kidding, we look like babies.

This next picture was also in 1995, on our first trip to Las Vegas (we went together a mere 3 months after our first date...wasn't I so spontaneous and fun! Just like now! Not!) Once again, looking so young and in love. Take note of my fingernails, they're blue! WOW!! In fact, we are both blue from head to toe.

This picture was taken in '96 when we went to Phoenix for Halloween. I have no idea why I decided to dye my hair this color. All I can say was that I was much more adventuresome then. It's really not my best look.

This picture was taken the Christmas before we got married in 1998. We were looking a bit pudgy and tired. You could tell that we lived in Chicago at the time judging by how pale we were. Also, this was pre-Jenny Craig where I lost lotsa poundage before the wedding.

. And here is the final picture of the two of us on our honeymoon in Italy. I would kill to look like this again (...and I'm sure Wade would too). Note the street, that is actually a 2-lane road that we drove on-- very scary, but oh-so-beautiful.

Hope everyone enjoyed this little trip. I didn't include any photos from the '00's mainly because blogger only lets you do 5 pics and because the focus slightly shifted to the little ones. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pass the Tissue

First day of Kindergarten

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And You?

You Are 55% Normal

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

O.K. this is kinda stupid, but I was also curious. See, I would have guessed that I was 99% normal. Whoda thought. A little worried about the "freak" thing.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gimme a freakin' break

I think this is a more appropriate name for a new movie:

Snakes on a baby

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I mean please, Snakes On A Plane. And people are excited to see this. It sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. Wade and I are not huge moviegoers, but, seriously, if we were, we would be super pissed. Here are the choices:

  • TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY- 'nuf said. This movie sounds so ridiculously horrible, you couldn't pay me to see it.
  • STEP UP- seriously, who sees this kind of movie?
  • MATERIAL GIRLS- gag me, Haylie and Hilarie Duff! Looks and sounds horrendous.

  • BARNYARD: THE ORIGINAL PARTY ANIMALS- reviews are even bad on this kid flick.

  • THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 3: TOKYO DRIFT- I loathe these kinds of movies and especially sequels...uggg!

  • MIAMI VICE - I also loathe shitty remakes. I'm sure this will also be bad.

    The only movie that looks halfway decent is The Illusionist, but that's because it has my boy Ed Norton.

    Tomorrow is my 7 year anniversary. Congratulations to me! Somedays I don't know how Wade and I can stand each other, but I can say that the word divorce is not even in my vocabulary. Marriage is damn hard, but committment and compromise is the key to our success!
    I love you Wade, Happy Anniversary.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

the ongoing saga of "DADA"

Sydney is a talking machine. Everyday she uses a new word appropriatley to my amazement. She's up to about 12 or so words including the following: hi, "lo" for hello, dada, daddy, "waa-waa" for water, "baa " for ball, "diddy" for Sydney, "Gay" for Grace, doggie (this is used for dogs, cats, cows, etc), done, up, "thee" as in 1-2-"thee" emphatically. I can tell she's way beyond normal in the verbalization department( not so much in the physical department, you know, she's kinda lazy about walking.) I think she may take after her mama.
Except she won't say "mama". I mean I am starting to think that she does it on purpose. I'll say "mama" and she'll say, "dada". I'll say "mommy" and she'll say "daddy." No lie. If Wade is in the room, she'll say daddy like a thousand times, looking at him, smiling. Me, NADA!!!!! Just cute smiles and sniffs and every other word in her ever expanding vocabulary. Now, here is the part that makes me think something fishy is going on. My babysitter, Raye, claims that she says mommy and mama all the time. Wade says the same thing. And anyone who has been around Sydney knows that she will talk on command.
So what gives?
And really I don't know why I care. I get so tired of hearing "mom" all the live long day that maybe I should teach her another word for mommy altogether while I still have time. Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Stella

I've been meaning to post about the newest addition to the chick club, Miss Stella Scott born 08-07-06! Oh my God, she is sooo little and precious, although she did surpass her birthweight today (6#1oz--woohoo!) Anyway, Grace is very "jealous" of Anna and can't stand how adorable she is. She wanted to hold her and then wouldn't let me take her! She keeps telling me that I should have another one (fat chance IUD!). Good job, Ashli!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

OMG we're finally home

Did you miss me? A little bit? Sorry I didn't have time to post before we left, but last Thursday we went to Cuchara Colorado for one of my best friends weddings. You know, the one where Grace was the flower girl! That part was very exciting. She made best friends with the other little kids her age, which was really fun to see. During the wedding she whispered loudly, "THEY ARE ABOUT TO KISS," to her new little friend, the other flower girl. I can't wait to see the video with me glaring at her the whole time. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. The flight and drive was, as expected, simply horrific. Sydney was not the friendly traveler and had to be passed back and forth from mommy to daddy the whole way. And she developed this incredible screech that the other passengers did not find cute or appealing. The car ride was even worse. Lots of screeching and crying. I swear that child must have carsickness because she absolutely despises the car. I did my best to ignore her, as it seemed that helped better than trying to play with her. Oh I almost forgot. The airline didn't send my little red bag with all the essentials in it, such as toiletries, curling iron, perfume, and MY MAKEUP! Yep, the bag never made the trip to Cuchara and sat patiently for me in terminal 16 at the Denver airport. So that was fun too.
Once we finally arrived Sydney was beside herself and couldn't quite make it to the party on Thursday night. I wasn't too upset about that though. So the next couple of days were spent trying to keep her satisfied seeing that she wasn't up for much playing or partying. I have to give it to Wade, though. He was mom and dad on the trip and did a damn fine job of it. I was fairly busy attending to wedding things like decorating, hobnobbing, giving a (shitty) speech, standing up in the wedding and posing for pictures. So my hat comes off to him. The baby loved this though. I didn't think it was possible, but she is more of a daddy's girl than Grace was at this age. But, as expected, Grace was incredibly good on this trip and once again, handled Sydney's moods with ease. I'm sorry to say that I really don't have many exciting pictures to post from the wedding, but I do have one exciting revelation, documented below:


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Isn't that soooooo exciting! The only problem was that she spit the tooth out onto rocky terrain and we couldn't find it. We had to find a small white rock to replace the tooth with. It looked remarkably like the tooth even though she wondered why her tooth was so "crooked" looking. Oh well! She didn't know the difference.

Anyway, very glad to be home and I don't think we'll be taking anymore trips for a while. Can't wait to see everyone.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

In light of the Mel Gibson issue

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I swear to God I have no idea where she heard/learned this. She went to a Jewish camp over Christmas break (don't laugh) and came back saying this. That and that the song is actually Chinese. WOW!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

more pics from the birthday

sorry, but I have to post some more pics from the event. They were too cute to pass up. Enjoy!

How cute is Charlie? what an adorable balloon parasol!

Now I'm sorry to say that Annaliese got the shit-end of the deal with this wimpy wiener dog; she doesn't look too impressed!

Even JH got in on the action, is this kid ever unhappy...hmmm, just give him time.

And of course the naughty duo, Grace and Anna! (If you're wondering about how these adorable girls could be naughty just remember the haircut debauchery of '05!)

And finally, it's SUPERBABY!!!!!!!