Friday, April 20, 2007

reason #8437 why parenting should require a license

Today we had our dear friend Anna over for a little trampoline-jumping. You may remember that Grace and Anna have been through quite a lot of mischievous business since becoming friends. They chopped their hair off (Grace's looked better, sorry Ash), they killed zillions of fish and well, that may be all, but really they are pretty sneaky. We have to check on them quite often. So that brings me to today. I heard giggling and such while they were sitting on the couch RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I look over (in between bon bons) and see that they are looking through a rather large book that Wade had placed on the coffee table. Me being me, I had never seen the book, didn't know what it was about, but did assume that it was some kind of artsy thing. I hear them giggling and saying "boobies" etc. I go over and look at the book (obviously a bit too quickly) and seeing something about "50 years" and "cartoons". So I tell Ashli, "oh, it's some book about cartoons, it's all good." The girls continue on with their boobie banter to which I tell Ashli, "oh let's just ignore them, they are trying to get us to react". God, I really am an idiot. I walk back over to them and their book and I then see this:

To which I yell, grab the book and look at the pictures, to which I see this:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"no, mine"

Yes, it's true. She had to say it sometime. It's just so very rude and ugly to the ear. The funny thing is that she only says it to Curly. Like 2o times already this morning. He walks in the room and you hear, "no! mine!". And we all know Curly. He gets his feelings hurt real bad, hangs his head down and leaves the room. Sydney then looks rather smug and continues on with the playing. With Grace's toy, no less.
Ah, the good 'ole days...
Friends, no more.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

quick recap

The following is basically what has been going on with us for the last couple of months. I finally got all the 8 jillion parts to the camera working and am able to post some pics. So here is the recap, in a nutshell.

My new haircut. Okay, it's really not new anymore, but I forgot to post about it. I mostly like it, but sometimes when I look in the mirror I think it looks like a bad 80's hair band do. Seriously. It's kinda straw-like sometimes.

Sydney's new obsession. Occasionally I want to throw that gd car in the big blue trash can because she wants someone (me) to bend over and push her whilst breaking their back. Enough already. While terribly annoying it is also cute because right before she gets in it she says, "bye mama" and blows me kisses. All growed up and driving herself right on oughta here. The only Easter pic I got of the both of them. Nice and clear, don't you think. God, I am such an outstanding mom, no?
The impostor on Easter. I mean really, a dress just doesn't suit her. Lipstick lezzy she will not be.

And of course, the ultimate life-changing birthday gift, the trampoline. I could really care less how dangerous these suckers are. They are a mom's most precious gift while fixing dinner. LOVE IT!

And lastly, I can't forget to mention that Sydney finally got her spitznevus removed from her face and she looks SO much better. Just scroll on up to the pics above if you haven't seen her in person yet. She's a lil trooper!
Peace out, people!