Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let this be a reminder

to all you people out there that are considering going on a trip to Las Vegas with your children that it is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Oh, wait, you would never do that, would you. Only crazy people would think that would be a good idea.


Where to begin.

Let's just say there were a variety of variables that went wrong. I lost my new camera. Sydney acted like we were torturing her with nails and a hammer, straight with lying down in the middle of the casino tantruming. Several different times. Our "nanny" talked on her phone the entire time and all Grace asked was "WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO SWIMMING."

And the clincher. The stomach bug. In the form of vomit and diarrhea. Which happened during our only scheduled outing by ourselves at an amazing restaurant that I made reservations for a month ago. Yep. Wade was in bed by 8:00 pm on Wednesday night and vomiting by 10:00.

So I did what any wife would do. Gamble. I kept thinking, "I have got to make something about this trip salvageable." And if you think that was heartless of me, don't worry, I paid for it. Although he gave me permission to leave, I paid for it with subtle jabs the next day.

Spring Break 2009 is already decided. Someplace close with a pool. Period.


little miss mel said...

Good Lord child. What were you thinking???

Vegas is only meant for adults, unless your A. Freeman. Then, you can start attending Vegas in middle school as a family vacation. :D

Hope everyone is back to normal by now.

Poor W. and poor YOU!

Where have you been otherwise?

ginny said...

e, I don't know, I just sorta got off my blogging kick, had all kinds of people calling and checking on me:) All is good otherwise.

The Mossmans said...

Holy shizz, that sucks. I'm dying to hear all to the gory details.

maja said...

I am miserable just sitting here reading this. Poor starr fam! Maybe disney (w/ pool) is more the kids speed, but so sucks for mom and dad. kudos though for trying vegas!

Summer said...

SummerI cant even read this, it is breaking my heart! I am sooooo sorry!!!

ashli said...

Huge Bummer....what was that, that Maja was saying something about Disney? Hmmmm, sounds like a good idea to me. Perhaps in the fall instead of next sb? hahhahaha

Anonymous said...

Ginny- You are brave for attempting Vegas. I am sorry it ended up so bad!!! It sounds lie a sitcom. Loved seeing you all-