Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The pictures are deceiving...

Okay, so it wasn't all bad...although you won't see the Starr family as a whole in Las Vegas ever again. The girls can go with their friends when they are 21. Until then, it's malls and pools and local zoos for us!!!
I had to take a picture of the girls in the "O" of "Revolution" at the Mirage. Moments after this picture was taken, they were assaulted by mirage staff to MOVE!!!! There is no dawdling in Vegas, which doesn't fare well for my girls, who are the queens of taking their time. So that didn't help.

The dolphins were a huge hit with us. So much so, that when Wade was stuck in bed with his vomit and diarrhea, we went TWICE! Such fun! You know you're in trouble when you have to go to the same place two times in 4 days. But, they are amazing creatures, that I happen to know A LOT about now.
The white tigers were also within the dolphin area and were also a humongous hit with us. This included me (and Wade who went the first time ). They were absolutely gorgeous and frightening all at the same time.
Here is Sydney talking to a "dolphin". She actually thought it was real and gave him hugs and kisses. You can see the seriousness in their discussion.
The shark reef at Mandalay Bay, also fun (but really big). Grace got to touch sting rays and they are standing in front a jellyfish tank. It was stunning.
Grace and I standing in front of Cirque De Soleil at the Bellagio. Again, a lot of variables were off in this one as well. Our seats were way to high making it almost impossible to see and the show itself was way too dramatic and slow for g-dawg. Hence, she fell asleep around 9pm. It was the poop icing on the shit cake. In case anyone ever goes with their kids (which they won't), definitely see the CDS Beatles' show. I kicked myself for not booking that one.

So now you know what went down in Vegas. It was not pretty, people. Thankfully, we have made it past this horrendous week--with marriage pretty much intact--and children no worse for the wear. The end.


Summer said...

I also like the thing at Mandalay Bay, but. my. God. getting there is like a five mile walk!!! I can't say I will never take my kiddo there, but I will think about it before I make any decisions. Deeply.

ginny said...

and summer that says a lot, we know how much you love Vegas. But you have Ba, so your life is eazy peezy. And off the subject, your profile pic looks like Don forgot to flush. Pee-You!!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell was your nanny???JEEEEEZ!!!BA