Saturday, July 14, 2007

to camp or not to camp

ok, no, not that kind of camp! You know I will not be out there in the wilds without the conveniences of modern life, whoa nelly!

What I am referring to is summer camp. My 6 year old is obsessed. She has been going to a theatre camp at OCU since the last week of June (well, actually she started last summer). This camp is from Monday to Friday 9-4. 9-4!! That's longer than a school day. But This past Friday was her little performance and she had about a dozen lines. This was the most she has ever had and she was totally into it. She was telling everyone the right place to stand, motioning people on stage when it was their turn, and of course, reminding all the absentminded of their forgotten lines. And trust me, she knew all the lines. I leaned over to Wade and mentioned that maybe we should get her into the directing of plays! Anyway, yesterday evening I reminded her that she was going to take a week off next week and could resume the following week, and boy oh boy did the waterworks come forth. She just boo hooed, "But I love theatre camp!" Grace tell me why you love it so much? "Because I get to play with kids, learn my lines, make my costumes, play games, have a snack and have lunch, it's so fun." But Grace, daddy was going to take you to White Water one day next week and we were just gonna hang out, you know, me and you. "But no mommy, we have plenty of time to hang out after camp." Wow. I swear I am at a loss. Now, some of you may be wondering why I am even bringing this up. She loves camp, so SEND HER! And I hear ya. But there is this little part of my that feels guilt. Most of those children are there because there parents work full-time and they need an all day alternative. Not me. She could be hanging out with her FAMILY, her other playmates but she doesn't want to. Then there is the other part of me that thinks, well, really, what is so special about hanging with me/Raye/Diddy all day. She'll be playing in the gym day care room, watching t.v. with her Raye Raye while Diddy sleeps and running errands with me! I mean there really is no question to be answered here. I will send her as long as she wants to go. In all actuality, I am very thankful that she loves this camp, and am thankful to be able to provide her with it, but gee, guess I'm just a big 'ole fat bore!!! (click this pic to enlarge the happiness!!)

Just wondering what your thoughts were on this matter?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Of course, send her! They're providing her w/ all kinds of mind candy and those teenage and college-age counselors have boundless energy that we, unfortunately, no longer have. -Camille

lifeinsuburbia said...

I think she should go too. I agree with Camille on the boundless energy that the couselors have, that we don't!!
If there was anything like that here, I am sure Oliver would prefer to do that every week rather than hanging around with me.
I guess I'll see you soon!