Thursday, September 25, 2008

this will be a long-winded one

Here I am again, months later. Bad, Ginny! So much has happened! That'll show me not to wait so dang long!

The girls started gymnastics. Here they are looking so adorable:


Both girls absolutely love it and get to do it with some of their buddies, Alys and Charlie. So that's been fun!

School is going exceptionally well for everyone (including mom :)). Grace has really picked up on the reading, which was going a little slow this summer. Sydney seems to like school as well. She is still quite the little mommy's girl, and would much rather be with me, but is also meeting some fun new friends and gaining some much needed "socialization". Damn wild animal!

Wade and I got to go to Chicago for a tiny vacation and we had so much fun. I kept thinking to myself, "why did we leave?" There is so much to do! and see! and eat!

And then I remembered:

Wow, traffic is UGLY there. But we had so much fun reminiscing, seeing our good friend Maja, driving by our old apartment and a few of my old job sites. It was a fabulous birthday gift for Wade, who turned 30 (really 38--seriously how is life happening so fast? He was 23 when I met him!) September 10.

The girls also had fun at Annaliese's birthday party~~~ she had real, alive ponies! Which the kiddos loved.

Let's continue this epic post with a little soccer update! When I was having quite a heated debate with my friend Ashli and my brother regarding Grace and her "non-interest" in sports, team or otherwise, she decided to sit on the foam cooler and proceed to break it into a million pieces! Good job, Grace. You make your momma proud. Plus, you made me look right, which everyone knows how much I love to be right!

And last, but most definitely not least, Grace had a little, um, accident.

Yeah, she broke her wrist falling off the monkey bars at school.

So, allll that stuff I just reported on! Yeah, it really doesn't apply anymore.

She can still do choir though?!?!??!?! *gulp*


The Mossmans said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging - we've all been a little slow lately haven't we? Anyway...

Good recap, but poor Grace! She looks like such a trooper and the gymnastics picture is adorable! Loves it!

Summer said...

Ha! The cooler thing is sooooo something Annaliese would do.

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