Thursday, April 12, 2007

quick recap

The following is basically what has been going on with us for the last couple of months. I finally got all the 8 jillion parts to the camera working and am able to post some pics. So here is the recap, in a nutshell.

My new haircut. Okay, it's really not new anymore, but I forgot to post about it. I mostly like it, but sometimes when I look in the mirror I think it looks like a bad 80's hair band do. Seriously. It's kinda straw-like sometimes.

Sydney's new obsession. Occasionally I want to throw that gd car in the big blue trash can because she wants someone (me) to bend over and push her whilst breaking their back. Enough already. While terribly annoying it is also cute because right before she gets in it she says, "bye mama" and blows me kisses. All growed up and driving herself right on oughta here. The only Easter pic I got of the both of them. Nice and clear, don't you think. God, I am such an outstanding mom, no?
The impostor on Easter. I mean really, a dress just doesn't suit her. Lipstick lezzy she will not be.

And of course, the ultimate life-changing birthday gift, the trampoline. I could really care less how dangerous these suckers are. They are a mom's most precious gift while fixing dinner. LOVE IT!

And lastly, I can't forget to mention that Sydney finally got her spitznevus removed from her face and she looks SO much better. Just scroll on up to the pics above if you haven't seen her in person yet. She's a lil trooper!
Peace out, people!


ashli said...

ahh grace's hair is combed and everything and it had to be all unfocused! Oh well, Syders looks a little evil in that pic anyway!
But the one below that of her is so adorable and she looks cute in a dress!

ashli said...

what's up with that "smoky/fuzzy background" in the pic with you? Wtf is that, effects?

ginny said...

ash, no, I didn't purposefully do that. That is Grace taking a picture and putting her finger in the way!s

MossmanFamily said...

I think you're right...Syd isn't cut out for a dress. She looks so different, but that dress is hella cute! Now that your camera situation is fixed, we'll be expecting many more pictures!

brooke said...

Come on now! Syd looks cute in a dress! Love all the hair of course! I am jealous of the trampoline. When I move to OKC (when, not if) I'm totally stealing it.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap- I've not read blogs in several days, but how can noone have commented on how much that picture of you looks like Grace?!? And Sydney looks like a doll in that dress. -Camille