Thursday, April 19, 2007

"no, mine"

Yes, it's true. She had to say it sometime. It's just so very rude and ugly to the ear. The funny thing is that she only says it to Curly. Like 2o times already this morning. He walks in the room and you hear, "no! mine!". And we all know Curly. He gets his feelings hurt real bad, hangs his head down and leaves the room. Sydney then looks rather smug and continues on with the playing. With Grace's toy, no less.
Ah, the good 'ole days...
Friends, no more.


brooke said...

From Charley to Sydney: Welcome to the camp friend! I'm really proud that you said it well before two years old also. My mama was beginning to think it was just me. You can say it to your older sibling, and most of the time the moms will get confused and think that the brother/sister is doing something to the sweet innocent baby. you can get away with that for about 3 weeks. then sista? you're on your own.
luv, Charley

MossmanFamily said...

I love that!!! All of our poor dogs get the worst know what they say about sh*t rolling downhill! We hear Cate say "hush" and "No Chet!" to our dog all the time. It's really funny, but I do feel sorry for the puppies!