Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's official

Well folks, it appears the torrential downpour of rain has finally moved past the plains of OK and summer has officially arrived. My God, I think it rained for a month straight. And I am not one to talk about the weather! We couldn't go to the Sportsman's for Memorial weekend because of the rain, so we finally went this past weekend. I have to admit I was a bit worried how the little one AKA crusher would fare at the swimming pool. She is still a bit young for floaties on her own, but I knew she would want to do whatever "sissy" did. Sooooo, I was right (of course). She thought the water was a bit cold and she really wouldn't venture around. She continually wanted to take the floaties off because they are kinda big, but I stuck to my guns and made her keep them on. But hopefully she will continue to get more comfy around the water. I know she would love the baby pool, but it is on the other side and I don't think it's too smart to leave Grace all by herself quite yet. The pool with a toddler is definitely not a time of relaxation!! But they sure look cute, no?


Anonymous said...

Syddy doesn't want to muss her hair in the pool! I love the suits. -Camille

MossmanFamily said...

Ha! I love the pic of Syd. She was totally model posing! I wonder what she was thinking?