Monday, May 28, 2007

MeMeMeMe...part 2

No, I didn't forget about the next installment of my exciting self! We've been a little bummed out this holiday weekend due to the untimely virus that has descended upon our eldest child. Let's put it this way: I got a whopping 2 hours of sleep Friday night. Ouch! Luckily, this leads me to # 8 and 9 on this little game.

8. I absolutely hate vomit. I know most people don't prefer it, but it really sends me spiraling down into a black hole of depression (wow, dramatic much!). As a child, vomiting made me cry like a baby and are part of my most vivid childhood memories. Negative memories. I always said that taking care of a vomiting child should be a prerequisite for teenagers and young 20 year olds. I swear it would be the best birth control/abstinence method than any lecture.

9. I love my sleep. I think this drives Wade crazy because he can operate on so few hours and still be amazingly productive. He always says, "you're going to bed already?!?!?", but I love to curl up in bed with my book before going to sleep. Heaven.

10. I enjoy being by myself. Not always, of course, but after having kids that are so time consuming and....well, chatty, it's kind of nice to just be able to sit there with my little old self and just be quiet. all should try it some time.

11. I don't like noisy things. Concerts, fireworks, guns shooting, exhaust backfire, busy restaurants (ha!!), balloons popping, dogs barking, etc. God, I am a pain in the ass!

12. I like lots of lights on while I'm awake. Some can vouch that I am really bad about turning lights out after leaving a room, but it's because I like the lights on when I come back to that room. Wade turns the lights off to take and shower and shave. What's that about? I have to be able to see what I am eating, reading, writing, watching etc. Makes sense to me.

13. I am vehemently opposed to my kids sleeping in my bed. I'm sure this has something to do with #9 because I would imagine kicking legs and swinging arms would disrupt my beauty sleep. No, but really, I think it has more to do with the fact that I am with my kids all day (for the most part) and it's only reasonable for us to have our personal space.

14. I am selfish. After re-reading this post, it is now more clear than ever how selfish I am! Wow, who knew this would be an exercise in personal reflection!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderfully non-soggy Memorial weekend!!!!


MossmanFamily said...

You're not just like what you like (or don't like in some cases). I am with you on the alone thing. I think it's a product of being an only child.

ginny said...

Well, I do have an older brother (much older:))so I don't know if that applies to me or not!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew all of these things and agree wholeheartedly that they are not selfish. Camille

ashli said...

Girls, quit trying to be so nice! I know that you are a very selfish girl, but I love you anyways! Jk! You might be a tad selfish , but not that much and I think you have to be a little selfish to be happy when you're a mom, therefore a happy mom is a good mom, right?!?!?! Were all selfish to some extent, it's human nature!

Anonymous said...

Forget the selfish part, you sound like you're 85. Go to bed early, needs lots of sleep to function, no loud noises, etc...HA.
Love Ya

ginny said...

God, that's it!! I'm like an 85 year old lady trying to raise 2 young kids! No wonder it's so freaking hard!!!!!!!!! Too bad I didn't put one in there about all my ailments!