Monday, July 23, 2007

Berfday Lovin'

Well, enough of the last post! Let's move onto more sweet, adorable news! Like Sydney's birthday party!!! She doesn't actually turn 2 until Thursday, but since my dad is going gallivanting around Alaska with his new *cough* fiance *cough* we thought we would have it early. To accommodate him. Cause I'm nice like that.

Let us now turn to the future Mr. and Mrs. Steel:Sickly cute, no?

And here is one of the singing with her sisters, Grace and Lily. Who I just found out today, actually blew out Sydney's candles. Which we have video proof of. Don't worry, Ash, Sydney will be blowing out her other sister, Stella's, birthday candle in August. Paybacks.

And finally, the one gift that I actually let her open already. Her new baby with crib. I know, I'm brilliant. The baby has a bottle filled with milk, that Sydney calls, "Nulk". I swear she has fed that baby a gallon of nulk and taken her out of her crib 10 dozen times already. So. effing. cute.

Sydney had a blast, loved the suckers and thanks to everyone that came a partook(is that a word?) in the festivities. While it was mildly awkward to have our "new" family members attend, I was pretty much able stay away by quickly moving from room to room. Thankfully my brother did all the dirty work!!! Good job Bubby!!


lifeinsuburbia said...

Sydney looks so cute! Happy early birthday!

Anonymous said...

Aww, sorry about the candles, one of my kids always trying to steal the spotlight! Sydders looks so cutie with her new baby and bed! And Cock and Diddy ever so adorable! Happy 2nd you little darling, we love you!

MossmanFamily said...

What great fun! I'm sorry that my sickly child caused us to miss all the festivities. Syd and Jack couldn't be cuter...where are the registered? I'll just go ahead and pick up the wedding gift now.

Anonymous said...

And what dirty work it was... Cheers to you for a keeping up a good face and focusing on the job at hand! Love that pic of Syd and her new crib. I can see how much she loves it.

ba said...

The pictures of Sydney and Jack are great! Hey! I didn't get any cake! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

lifeinsuburbia said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

The fish and chips were good, but the shepherds pie was better!

I think ash found us a house today, yipee!!