Saturday, May 17, 2008

chore charts

Yep, it's that time of year again. My kids have decided to junk up/clutter my home. Oh wait, that was me. Whoops. None the less, they don't help matters. About a year ago, I started a chore chart for Grace and she actually did really well, collecting stars and selecting her treat. And because she has my knack for tidiness, or lack of knack, we've started it up again. I can generally handle the usual pair of shoes here and there, but when I see her deliberately drop her belongings at the doorstep with NO afterthought, my blood boils!!! Hence, the chore chart.

So, Grace being the ever competitive soul, says, "well, what about Sydney, she's the messiest thing on the planet." Hmmmmm, good point. And while I didn't think she would give two shits about a star, I thought, what the hell, if it makes Grace feel the fairness, why not?

And would you believe, she actually gives a shit!! Well, not a big one, but big enough for this:

and this:

Cute, no??

And by 'brush hair' I mean without screaming bloody murder...and she actually did it. Grace was less than thrilled, seeing that she has already lost several stars. But, hey, it was her idea. Maybe she'll keep her mouth closed next time!! Of course, she had to tell Sydney "good job" and she said it with as much enthusiasm as the teens from Pump It Up. Hahahahahaha! Oh how I love the irony that is called life.

Oh yeah, baby.


little miss mel said...

Wow, nice going girls!!!!

And the hair brushing is too cute to boot.

Caroline said...

Oh mah gah, I miss the chore charts! And my mom's foil stars. Love that S is getting all into it too.

ginny said...

hahahaha foil stars!!!!! And just for the record, I never had a chore chart which is most probably why I am such a crappppy housekeeper.