Sunday, May 25, 2008

Questions and Conversations by Grace

Last night we went to a big wedding for a family friend and we allowed Grace to go. I am so happy we did.

1). "Are they all getting married?????" (In reference to the 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen.)

2). "When are they gonna kiss??? That guy is such a blabber mouth!!!!!" (In reference to the priest.)

3). "I just walked up to the lady that got married and asked her when they are gonna cut the cake." (In reference to the bride and the late hour.)

Good God, this girl is a veritable hoot! And an embarrassment! But so flippin cute!


Anonymous said...

she is so adorable-and 100% just like her mom, Curious Georganna. I will have to confirm with Bubby, but I reckon he's heard those exact same ?'s a few decades ago-HELLO, C'mon!!

little miss mel said...

Love it! Dude, when are we going to eat cake? Don't you bride have a say in the matter? tee hee.

The Mossmans said...

Asking about the kind of gal! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it- we haven't been to a wedding at all this year, but I would love to take the girls to one- they would eat it up! -camille

ginny said...

would love to know my anonymous friend that knows me sooo well;)