Saturday, August 16, 2008


The trip was fantastic, the weather was beautiful (even a little chilly) and it was SO GOOD to see my friend Meredith and her kiddos. We had a phenomenal time. Wade and I only had a handful of fights, KIDDING!! It was very relaxing and low stress. Here are some of the highlights.

Sydney: still a little bratty, but overall pretty good. She actually enjoyed the beach this time, LOVED swimming in the heated pool, thought the animals were rad at the zoo and really liked the penguins and Shamu at Seaworld. Although she wanted us to buy her something at EVERY gift shop there, which there a like a bazilion gifts shops, so she heard a lot of "no" that day. Which is good for her.

that is a panda in between them, so cute!!!!!
She didn't get a single nap the entire trip, except this one and it didn't really count, y'know?

Grace: ever the rockstar she declared (same as last year) that she wants to move to San Diego. The child loves all things California.

Boogie Boarding (which I did with her, thank God there are no pictures to prove that!!)

Feeding the Sea Lions

And it just so happens that she got to spend time with a boy that wants to marry her. The cutest boy ever, might I add.

Can't wait til next year....


little miss mel said...

Ah, what a great trip! I forgot Meredith lived there. I should contact her. We will be in SD next week! We should have coordinated....

Love the new haircut. Way cool. :)

ginny said...

yeah, that would have been fun. You should absolutely call her, she would love it!

The Mossmans said...

I loves me some SD and it looks like you all had so much fun! Welcome home!