Saturday, August 09, 2008

sassy new do and such

Well, here I am again for my monthly check-in. Grace has been dyyyyying for bangs, so she got her hair did! And here is the result!!

She looks older, but I think it's pretty cute!! And she lurrrrves it!

Sydney has really started growing up this summer, of course we are still dealing with a lot of yelling and whining, but in general she has matured quite a bit. She started her warm-up preschool at Westminster and absolutely loved it! She never cried and actually skipped her little self right in there. Oh the sadness...

She also finally got to participate in Grace's beloved theatre camp last week. She really liked it as well. All week she was telling me that she was going to sing and dance for us. It was sooooo cute and I nearly died. She really got into it and was actually the loudest camper. She and her friend Alys were the youngest ones and they did awesome. More sadness...

Here she is, in all her glory. It's a little long, but you get the general idea. Grace would have NEVER been this vocal. So cute.

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And finally, we are off for our annual San Diego trip tomorrow. WOOHOO!!!!

Wish me luck!!!

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The Mossmans said...

Ooh, I love the bangs. Very cute! And what can really be said about Syd - hilarious!