Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the swingers, our neighbors

Most of you who live in close proximity to me already know that our neighbors are tried and true swingers. This little tidbit of information was somehow left off the listing sheet when we were looking at this house. But, boy, when we moved in everyother neighbor warned us of the wild parties. Being the nosy person that I am, I took it upon myself (with my good friend Ashli) to peek out the window last summer during one of these infamous parties. WOW. I saw all sorts of weenie slinging and breastesses right out in the open. I remember when I told my mom, she was so appalled that she thought I should call the police. Um, sorry mom, but being naked in one's backyard is not a crime, even in Oklahoma. Yes, I was mildly disturbed that you could see all this action right outside my little baby's bedroom window, but really, she won't understand look out there for a long time...and who knows if they'll be around then anyway. These people drink and do enough coke to kill small villages. So last summer (pre-blogging) there was all sorts of nutty things going on, including the time that I was 9 months pregnant and taking my wee little dog outside to piddle (around 6am) and I noticed a group of 4 people sitting NAKED (save the mardi gras beads) around a table on there upstairs balcony. I myself was wearing only a t-shirt and was slightly embarrassed by this until I saw THAT and then was embarrassed for them. Truth be told, I really am not offended. I think it's kinda funny. And I am all about raising the kiddos with plenty of diversity. HA!

So jump to now. More than anything else, the neighbors, let's just call them the bococks ;) are loud. Like, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA loud. These people crack themselves up on a daily basis. And Grace is simply obsessed with them, "what are the 'bococks' doing now?", "what are the 'bococks' laughing at?", "mr.'bocock' is sooooooo loud" etc.etc. So the other day Grace and I had the following exchange:
G: when are we going to go over to our neighbors house?
me: what neighbor?
G: the 'bococks'!!
me: Umm, I don't think we'll be going over there.
G: why?
me: well, you know, we don't have very much in common (cough,cough) with them. They don't have any kids, they're a little bit older (read:they walk around the backyard butt naked). Things like that.
G: well, we could talk to them
me: about what?
G: Peace



Anonymous said...

Maybe she means "peace and quiet", at least occasionally! OK- and can I just say that you have never even mentioned to me about these neighbors?!? Hello- that's huge! -Camille

ginny said...

well I may have forgotten to mention them because lately they have been very tame. Last summer was a doozie though.

Keithclan said...

The only "Peace" associated with your neighbors has "a" in front of it and "of ass" at the end