Saturday, January 13, 2007

the hair

ok, so the hair. On our 2nd to last day Wade had the idea to take her to this frilly, silly place in the mall called libby lu's. Not surprisingly, this place is pretty popular in Texas. You get to pick between several different hairdo's and then get your nails done, makeup etc. Every little girls dream. So Grace picked the "princess" up-do. Watching these women do this made me tired. She had to have used an entire can of aerosol hairspray and at least 60 bobby pins to bring this thing to fruition. And here was the finished product:

Never mind that she looks like a pedophile pin-up, look at the intricacy and detail! Of course, she loved it. Not my style, but whatevs. We got to the Museum of Natural History and she says, "mommy, why is everyone looking at me?" ps- she always thinks people are looking at her, the narcissist that she is- and I say, "it's probably your beeeuuutiful hair." To which she begins taking it out. Oh I begged and pleaded for her to stop, but she had her mind set on it. We went to the bathroom where it took me 10 minutes to remove the hairspray laden pins and it looked like a freakin disaster. Sticking up every which way. Thankfully I talked her into putting it into a ponytail in order to tame the beast. Kids. Why do they have to make everything so damn difficult.

Onto a completely different topic. The roach display. Seriously. why? Name one important reason or benefit for this thing to be on our planet. And they are feeding them! Look in the cage! Those things need to spend some quality time at my house. We could kill them in 2.2 days flat. Just like our hermit crabs (don't worry ladies, I threw the crab carcasses away this time). Alls I gots to say is EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


MossmanFamily said...

Those ladies got Grace ready for the Texas pageant circuit! That hair is crazy, but I'm sure Grace felt like a princess!

BTW, the roaches are nas-tee! Gross. I don't think I would have even stayed around long enough to get a picture! You are braver than me.

ashli said...

Cute cute! Grace, I mean! Little diva!

and the roaches, well there are no words to describe their disgustingnuss!

brooke said...

roaches. yuck. graces hair? hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This post makes your trip sound like a lot more fun than you did in person- having been sick the whole time :( BOO! But what a cool trip otherwise! So glad- Camille