Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Randomness

when I see a title such as mine I usually get a little annoyed. It's a way to basically say, "I have nothing exciting to say today" Boo on me, it's just that I couldn't think of any exciting title. You know, cause all my titles are so witty. Wow. Babbling.
Anywho... Sydney has a double ear infection. They thought she had pneumonia, but after the laborious task of holding her down on the x-ray machine (after verifying that I am NOT pregnant or breastfeeding) alas, she does not. But I'm really excited cause they gave her that coveted antibiotic shot that cuts the amount of medication to give by about 10 days. Oh yeah, baby. She, however, was not happy about it and proceeded to limp the rest of the morning. Not kidding, it was so cute if not a little sad. We got home and within thirty minutes was saying, "Nigh, nigh". And you know, I can't deny the child the proper rest! She promptly slept for three hours. Yeah, baby.

Grace lost her third tooth and requested, per Ashli, one dollar and one shiny penny. So, $1.01 is exactly what the tooth fairy left. By 7:15a.m. the penny and dollar were on the floor, never to be looked at again. So, the dollar went straight into my pocket and the penny straight to the trash. God, I hate those things.

Completely off the subject...Britney Spears. Now I know this has been talked about ad naseum. But I have to say...I feel kinda sorry for her. Is everyone yelling at me right now? I mean really, her life is totally effed up right now (or forever, depending on how you look at it). She can't go to the gd gas station without millions of flashbulbs and people screaming at her. Seriously. Go check out some of the videos on It's whack. And I know her life has been a series of poor decisions, but my God, not every human is blessed with good decision making skills. That shit is learned, people. Maybe it's because she has two small children or maybe it's because she actually seems like kind of a nice and funny person (barring the last year of interviews), but this story just doesn't sit well with me. I'm rooting for her. I mean I just don't have the same sort of sympathy for the Nicole Richie's and the Lindsey Lohan's. Call me crazy.

And on a final note, I am sooooo excited about my friend, Meredith, visiting in three weeks. I haven't seen her baby since she was 2 months old (she's 9 months now). Apparantly, she has quite the little temper. That should be fun watching she and Sydney have dueling tantrums. Can't.Wait.


brooke said...

I'm with you. I feel sorry for her too. Did you read Dooce's post about it? I think she might be right on.
I feel really lucky that we've been ear infection free with Charley lately.
Wish you guys were around here and you could come to her b-day party at Nonalds. Sydney would love it. :)

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about the ear infections- so that what was causing the cough? Ouch, poor Syders! Brooke, I wish we could all come to Nonalds. Boo. -Camille

MossmanFamily said...

Sorry about Syd, but glad about the medicine. I agree Britney's life is crazy and it has to be hard. She can't even have a breakdown without the world watching. Curious about Kevin visiting her in rehab...wonder if they'll get back together?

Anonymous said...

That sucks about the ear infections. Anna has a double now too. She has had fever for almost a week and is on her second medicine. Yuck! Hope we can get our girls trip planned for this summer.

ashli said...

Poor little diddy! I would've loved to see her being all dramatic with her little limp!

I'm totally with you on the brit thing, sad!

and I'm excited to meet Meredith, if your not too embarassed of us! haha!