Sunday, February 18, 2007


I was reading one of my favo blogs, Cheeky Lotus, and came across her most recent post about how her daughter, who is also 5, does weird things. I read a lot of her comments (she had about a million) and thought some of them were really funny. I started thinking about Grace and some of the, cough, less than normal things that she does.

  • When I am putting Sydney to bed she pretends that she can't touch the rug so she expertly places objects through the room to jump on ie books, blankets, stuffed animals etc. It is so weird. She does this whole act without involving me and takes it very seriously. Throughout the rest of the entire day, she walks in and out of there with no hesitation or props. Bizarro.
  • When she colors and cuts she hides behind this one specific chair until her work is complete.
  • While playing in the bath she always pretends that she is Santa's brother and wants me to ask "where is Santa?" and then she goes into this whole diatribe about how Santa is dead and No I cannot speak with him. Hmm. Weird.

Ok, now this is interactive people. Let me hear some of the weird things your kids are doing. I know Ashli can take the cake on this one (hello, grandpa vacuum guy?).


MossmanFamily said...

Even after all the months that Cate has been dressing herself properly, she still insists on wearing her underwear backwards. Seriously, she understands the concept of the "tag in back", but still wears her panties the wrong way. If you ask her to change, she gets mad. I hope she’s not destined for a g-string!

She also likes to take the box of Raisin Bran, dump it onto any available table and pick out the raisins. We keep boxes of raisins in the house (which she also eats), but she likes to carry the big box and make a big mess.

She’s also taken to yelling at her dolls recently (i.e. “No! You be quiet!”). Hoping that’s not a commentary on my parenting…:)

Summer said...

Annaliese has this thing with chemicals. I have no idea where it comes from but she is very concerned with them. i.e. "Don't step right there because the chemicals might burn you."

Anonymous said...

I've witnessed a type of stepping and avoidance game over at DaddyDad's - something about alligators inhabiting the wood floor area. Rugs are safe areas. I was allowed on the wood because I claimed my green coat made me invisible to the alligators.
Cute though!

ginny said...

oh those are hilarious!'re being awfuly quiet!
I'm thinking "gas in my leg". Come on girl!

ashli said...

Yeah yeah I know what freaks mine are, I refuse to share with the internet though! JK! I am going to do an entire post on all their weirdnesses! But the santa thing sure has me perplexed! Gotta love the little freaks though!