Saturday, March 31, 2007

the #6

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe it's been six (long!but enjoyable!) years! Good God, that doesn't seems right. We had the party at Pump It Up and the girls had so much fun, although I have so many problems/issues with that place. I won't get into them here, but MY GOD, those pump it up owners are raking it in! They have the lowest overhead, only hiring highschool age kids to run the damn thing. Anywho, it was better than I thought it would be with very little tears shed by anyone. Syd was awesome, basically roaming around by herself, having her own little pump it up party. Here is a picture of her towards the end looking a bit forlorn. Cutie!!

So,yes, I am still a non-smoker although Friday night was sooo hard. My friend Meredith is in town from San Diego and we went out with an old highschool buddy (Jeff for Jenn and Maja, if you are reading!) and we had a blast. Of course, Meredith and Jeff got a couple drinks in them and they were all, "LET'S SMOKE JUST LIKE OLD TIMES!" I'm all, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I just quit and I hate you people!!" So, I kindly refused and watched them gloriously smoke their cigarettes. It was tough, but after I got home I was so happy I didn't break down cause, seriously, I would have been so pissed at myself. I also used Leslie's "cognitive therapy" to help me (Thanks, Leslie). But we had so much fun reminiscing about old times and then comparing that to our lives now. So different. I mean those are the kind of conversations that really make you feel old. And grown up. How does that happen?


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great! Sydney wasn't forlorn- just thinking about pizza and cake comin' up!! little Syd diddy- but yeah, that place is a goldmine, very little maintenance, and always booked solid! It's crazy. Camille

MossmanFamily said...

I really can't believe they charge so much money, but clearly, people like you and me are willing to pay! :) On the bright side, at least your high schooler kinda helped with the party and gifts. I think our "helpers" ducked out to chat on their cell phones or something!

I'm really proud of you for not smoking. Your really doing so great!! Cognitive therapy sucks in the moment, but it helps so much later. I also used it Friday when Wade was trying to temp all of us with his awesomely yummy food!

ashli said...

love the pic of you and grace, cute!!! I can't believe we have 6 yr olds? Crazy!

Yay for you not smoking, way to have such willpower!