Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm old

Tuesday night was Wade's brother's graduation from McGuinness High School. Oh, you know I was reminiscing like crazy. I can remember my graduation in that very auditorium 15 years ago. How can this be? The school looks completely different and amazing on the interior after the remodel. During the ceremony the principal was giving his speech (he was the track coach when I was there!) and he was talking about the students and broke down which kids came from where. 1/4 of them were from various Catholic schools and only 9 of the kids were from Westminster. 9!! Where the hell did all the kids from there go? I mean, I know where they probably went, but I still find this perplexing. At least half, if not more, went to McGuinness when I was at Westminster. Anyway, I will know stop thinking about my kids being of High School age and get back to the mundane life of toddler-dome.
This is what Matt looked like when Wade and I started dating:

And this is what he looked like when Grace was born (yes, that is Grace looking like a little troll).

So, try as I might, I can't really ignore the fact that High School is really not that far in the distant future!!! Awww!!!!!!!!!!


lifeinsuburbia said...

That is crazy. One of the kids I used to nanny for graduated from high school last year. Yeah. That was a swift kick in the ass for me. It was 10 years ago that he was an 8 year old boy who drove me crazy. Isn't time susposed to stand still?

MossmanFamily said...

After being back in the old hometown today, I was amazed at people still alive that seemed old when I was young. Does that make sense? I just thought about how long they had been around and therefore, that means I've been around a while. Between that and my 30th Birthday, I think I might hide out a while. :)

ashli said...

Congrats Matt and we are so not old Ginny!

Anonymous said...

Wowza- yeah, time- she does fly, doesn't she? Leslie, I love your comment. -Camille