Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flashback Tuesday

Just perusing through the photos and came upon Grace's first birthday. A few things stuck out.

Exhibit A: My husband and daughter were in dire need of a tan---damn those Chicago winters (...notice I don't show a picture of myself).

Exhibit B: I had a lot of freakin' time on my hands. Look at the detail on that cake!! Good times. Poor Sydney

Exhibit C: WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE??????????????????? It's only been 6 years, can you imagine how I'm going to feel in the year 2021??


little miss mel said...

I didn't know Wade had naturally blond hair?

Oh my!!

Yes, where has the time gone. And man, that is an impressive cake! Well done! I have gone to the cupcake. A lot easier and less room for error. :)

ginny said...

Oh elisabeth,I was sooo excited to hear from you!! And no, Wade does not have naturally blond hair...he thought it would be fun/funny to do that! I think that may have lended itself to the paleness of his face :)

Summer said...

Love the picture of Wade! HA! Way to go on that cake, first borns always get the good stuff.

lifeinsuburbia said...

dude! the cake rules!!!

MossmanFamily said...

First, I love that you have been posting so much these past few days. Kudos! Flashback Tuesday is great...Wade's hair is so fun. And, our poor second children. What more can you say?

Anonymous said...

OMG! I remember how proud you were of that cake! Twas impressive. Grace just cried and cried when everybody sang Happy Birthday. lol That birthday party was quite the event if I remember correctly. Fun days in Chicago!

ashli said...

the cake, wowzers! Sooo cute! Seriously, love it! And secondly, Wade and Grace look like they had just been released from a concentration camp!