Sunday, December 23, 2007

The 2nd Christmas

Grace continues to amaze me in her memory and/or willingness to remember my mom. For those of you that know G, are already aware of her, ahem, inability to see the big picture.... But today, 2 days before Christmas, she feels the need to tell Sydney about my mom.
"Cici is dead, " to which Sydney replies, "oh (pondering)..., sissy dead."
After a lot of, "no, cici, not sissy" talk, Grace goes on to tell her that it is okay that she is dead because she still lives in "here" and points to her chest.

*Insert me DYING*

I shit you not. I have never told her that. I'm sure someone has, but nonetheless, it is strange to hear my six year old say these words.

We then go downstairs and Grace tells me that she is going to draw a beautiful picture for Cici. For Christmas. Because it was her favorite holiday.

She's trying to kill me.

How does she remember this? It may be because we still talk about her (at least Wade, my brother and I) and she has simply heard it from our mouths. Who knows? It still breaks my heart.

And makes me proud.


little miss mel said...

that is just precious!

how lovely she recalls your mom the way she does. It's just lovely.

see you soon!

leigh said...

Oh wow ginny...that just brings tears to my eye. How sweet the way she remembers your mom.

Anonymous said...

CRYING!!! I've said it before- but one of the craziest things to me about the way life works is the fact that someone, (a parent, grandparent, spouse..) may shape such a major portion of your own life, but then may pass before your children get to have them as their own. I'm glad Grace has a piece of cici in her heart. Merry Christmas!! -Camille

MossmanFamily said...

That is so bittersweet! I know your Mom is so proud of you, Wade and the girls and I'm sure she smiles every time Grace remembers her. Precious! What a Christmas gift!

ashli said...

Talk about tugging at the heartstrings, gah! How sweet, I love that girl!