Sunday, December 30, 2007

It was hard, not gonna lie to you. I had this surreal feeling come over me during the exchanging of the vows. It's strange, because weddings are usually such a happy time. Wade and I normally look at each other, smile and remember that amazing feeling when we got married. I definitely did not have that feeling wash over me.

It was quick, the girls didn't walk down the aisle throwing flowers (much to Grace's dismay, "that was the most boring wedding EVER!"), and there were only 20 people at most.

Grace and Sydney looked precious, which is more than I can say for the others. Wow, that was rude. Here are some pics to shut up my bitchiness.

The after party was a freakin madhouse, to which Wade and I only stayed about an hour. The girls had fun, but I was seriously worried that Sydney was going to trip and kill an old person. She was damn excited to be staying up so late.

Which brings us to the funniest picture of the night.

Get it girl! Eat that shitty food!


MossmanFamily said...

Don't worry about the bitchiness - be as catty as you want! You know...if you don't have something nice to say, come sit by me!

Seriously, that must have been a rough night, but I'm glad it's over. And the best part - the girls were really adorable! Love ya!

ginny said...

thanks, Les. But, whatever, you are, like, the nicest person I know! (sorry other hens!) Oh, I know, you can pull out some bitchy-waa-waa when you need to though! ;)

Anonymous said...

i had to expand that picture of Sydney to get a better look. Omigod, she's funny! So, the wedding's over- many interesting developments to come, i'm sure. -camille

lifeinsuburbia said...

INTERURBAN ROCKS! HA! OH SYD!Glad you made it through!

ashli said...

Well, you made it through! Very tough stuff girl! You should have come out and let loose with Les and I, I know you would have felt a little better! The girls looked adorable! Love ya!

Summer said...

The offer still stands, you know. 50 bucks and an address. I can maybe get it done for 45.