Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gotta love Halloween

Halloween 2006 was a fantastic success. Grace wants me to dress up every year with her, so we decided to both be Wonder woman:

Wow, I'm looking mighty scary! More like Wonder Woman in drag!

Anywho, it was fun. Wade and the two Chris'(his brother) took the big girls while Ashli and I handed out candy. Gotta say I was glad we didn't have to brave the cold, but, damn, if we didn't have hundreds of dressed up (and dressed down) goons. We didn't even have time to perch our lazy asses on the chair. Here are some more pics of the festivities:


Anonymous said...

Love it! -Camille

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's nice. You should have called your post:
This is what you could have had Summer.
Better Luck Next Year.
Maybe next year you and Annaliese can dress alike too, maybe as The Hulk or something.

Thanks, beyotch.

ginny said...

sorry, Summer, but I'm sure Annaliese was a beautiful doctor (me snickering) I'll save both costumes for you for next year:)

brooke said...

you are hawt. :)

lcmossman said...