Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm Baaaaackkkkk!

Sorry people!! We have been without a computer for over a week now and finally bought a new laptop! It's been killing me! I haven't looked at a computer in over a week and now that I have access to one I'm too overwhelmed to check all the blogs!!

Anyway, Las Vegas was fabu! I swear Wade had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming on Sunday. My personal heaven is Vegas. I love the whole vibe of that city, not to mention the food and gambling, my 2 favorite past times. wow, simply spectacular fun.

Wade always has his eyes out for me for movie stars anywhere we go and, sure enough, as I was playing some cards I hear Wade yelling at me from another table, "Ginny, there's your guys." I look up thinking, HUH?? and sure enough there was Carlos and Mike from desperate housewives. Exciting, no?

I have so much going on at work, but I'll save that for another post. I'll just leave you with a couple pics from the trip.! Missed y'all!!

Here is Wade's best friend from Altus, Jeremy, who was recently dumped by his wife of 6 years. ouch.

And here we are at MIX at Mandalay Bay. Probably the coolest looking restaurant/bar I've personally ever witnessed. Aren't we precious?!? Yea, you know I'm showing a little cleavage in Vegas...


lcmossman said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. Love the boobs!

Summer said...

You look HOT. wade has already agreed to go back in feb or march, and there are no take backs. So, let the fun begin.

ginny said...

no take backs, that is freakin' funny. Clearly you don't know my husband who is the king of take-backs! Love the new pic!

ashli said...

Summer, you clearly have NOT been introduced to Wade's "Locks". he loves to lock things, and I am convinced that he is always losing the key! Lol, gotta love that Wade!

and starrs you look HAWT!!!

ginny said...

Ashli- hilarious! Wade's
"lock of the century" rarely pan out, just look at all his football bets!