Sunday, January 06, 2008

End of an Era...maybe?!?!?

We are on day 3 without a nap. She is, thankfully, still not complaining about going down for one, but I can hear her kicking and playing for about an hour before summoning me to her room.


Why do they have to grow up and shit.
Does anyone think it may be a phase? Does anyone care?

In other news: HAPPY 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always love the start of the new year. So full of promises, so full of hope, so full of days to screw your kids up more...

Ahhhhhh, the positivity. I, of course, have to point out that 2007 was a pretty decent year for me in the "resolution" department. As most of you know, I quit smoking March 2007, and stayed smoke-free to this very day. Alas, this brings me to the start of my new resolution for 2008. As I type, I can see my belly in my peripheral vision. Thanks to my healthy resolution of no smoking, I have picked up a not so healthy habit of EATING LIKE A FUCKING PIG. So, the time has come to shed some pounds.

Y'all know I can do it.


MossmanFamily said...

Oh girl, I hear ya on the belly deal. I think they can see mine on the next block. I share your current resolution!

Also, sorry about the nap thing, but Cate quit taking naps before she turned 3. Yikes!

little miss mel said...

It's a phase, total phase. She will probably start to skip a nap here and there, but will continue to nap, I promise!!!

Rt skipped napping for an ENTIRE week, but napped everyday for 2-3 hours for the next ENTIRE week.

Don't be so hard on yourself with the belly. Quitting smoking ain't no walk in the park. The belly will subside. Plus, you've had two kids. :)

ashli said...

You go girl on losing that belly, you will succeed! And I too need to lose some of my belly, well, actually alot of my belly!

swalez said...

You are hilarious! Congrats on the smoking. I'm still at it. One of these days. Maybe.