Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Quick Trip

I totally forgot to write about our funnnn trip to Vegas! Probably because it lasted all of 36 hours annnnd Abigail died the morning after we returned.
Here's Wade and I looking super cute, no? And he's wearing his HOT PINK sunglasses. Tell me, what man would be comfortable enough with his manliness to wear these?

Once again, Vegas didn't disappoint. God, I freakin' love that place. The flights were eazy breazy, although everyone is in agreement--DO NOT TRAVEL SOUTHWEST VACATIONS-- too many horror stories from the friends. Anywho, the room was great (mirage), the gambling (blackjack and texas hold 'em) was awesome and the food (nobhill, burger bar and Japonais) was killer!!!!!!!
Here is Ashli and myself, she's looking high, as usual. I mean, she's not high usually, just kinda always looks like it in pictures.

I have to admit, going to Vegas with 3 other couples had me worried because it's not exactly a couply-kind-of-place. But it rocked and we laughed our asses off. And, of course, the small sweet victory of NOT having to change diapers and fix sippy cups of juice for a few short minutes.
Back to reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MossmanFamily said...

I agree that it was awesome!!! So glad you and Wade got to come! BTW, think Ashli might kick you a little for posting that picture. :)