Friday, January 11, 2008


My husband gets to go on a vacation with his best friend this weekend. Must be nice. Sheesh. Truth be told, I am happy for him, as he never gets to do anything fun. Unless you count working and being with me and our children.


So, being the kind of person I am, I waited until today (he left at 2:30) to give him shit. Hey, I could been being bitchy for weeks. I'm nice.

Him: So what are you going to do this weekend?
Me: Just hangin out with the kids, AGAIN.

Now times that by about 10 and you can get a feeling for how our morning was.

He knows I am loathing, so he sent me these last night:

Duh, not helping.


MossmanFamily said...

It's the thought that counts? I say just try to cash in big on Valentines...that's my plan!

little miss mel said...

awe, what a good wifey you are!!

hope Wade has fun on his time away. Such a nice touch with the flowers. Yes, how evil can you be with a lovely bouquet. Jerk!

whoorl said...

DUDE. That is so sweet of him!

Anonymous said...

Nice thought there with the flowers, but something very sparkly in a small box would have been much more appropriate....i don't mean to be a bitchy snob, but vaca with your best friend is priceless. hello???? Maja

Summer said...

oh, i get so bitchy before don goes anywhere. sometimes even when he just goes to work!

ginny said...

so true girls! Maja, when was the last time you and I got to spend a weekend with just the two of us? Oh yeah, that was 1988! No lie.

Anonymous said...


Anytime you want to plan a vaca with just us girls...I'm in! Please call...I haven't heard from you in forever! Love, Meredith