Sunday, October 29, 2006

Captured: One Very Drunk, Bald Hispanic Man

So everyone knows what a freak I am about daylight savings. Kids went to bed late in hopes that they would sleep late. So, thanks to my annoying cold, I started coughing around 5:15 (really 6:15 to me). Sadly, it wakes Wade up who then realizes that he is starving and heads downstairs for a little snack. Not 5 minutes later he is back upstairs turning on all the lights,
"There's somebody in our backyard and he's trying to break in!"
"Well, call the cops!"
"I am!" (he then proceeds to get his gun from the top shelf of the closet)

Panic ensues as he calls 911 and is telling the dispatcher the details. We are both sitting on the stairs at this point when we hear the crazy bastard trying to OPEN OUR SIDE DOOR! which is locked, no thanks to me. Wade: "You guys better hurry he's trying to get in and I've got a gun." Me: "Wade, go put the gun up, we're not shooting anybody!" At which point the man takes off (I'm assuming here because we heard the patio door slam REAL LOUD).

A few minutes later the cops show up (you all know this is my favorite part) and I then spy on them from the upstairs bathroom window. They've got guns drawn and are all over our backyard, backhouse and side porch. Once it was established that the guy was indeed gone, he knocks on the front door REAL LOUD. Thankfully Wade put the gun up and we then go outside and Wade begins telling him that he actually saw the guy (which I didn't know at this time) and said he was a light-skinned black or hispanic guy, bald with a coat on. I have to say I was pretty impressed seeing that all this happened so fast and is was very dark still. So the cop said, "do you think you could identify him because we have someone in custody." Wade, of course said that he could and here comes another cop car with the guy inside. I then turned to Wade and said, "now really look at him and don't just say yes." So, the guy gets out of the car and it was almost comical because he was a bald (well, almost, he has like a very short haircut), hispanic and a blue coat on. Wade goes, "well, I'm not sure now, thanks Ginny" Oops. I kinda psyched him out by telling him to be sure.

ok. So it's about 6am at this point and I head back upstairs. It turns out that Wade had called our security guys before 911 who zoomed over here before the cops had shown up and actually saw the guy walking down our driveway, croutch between the neighbors car and then begin walking down the street. The security guy says, "can I help you?" to which the guy ignores and keeps walking (or staggering based on his level of drunkeness). The security guy decided to follow him because he looked suspicious and then flagged the cop down.

Bingo, bango. Perp in custody.

Why he was trying to come into our house is beyond me...maybe the couch looked cozy:)

Now, onto the most amazing part about this whole story...both kids slept til 7. Whoda thunk it!


Anonymous said...

Well I am going to cross off your neighborhood for possible places to live. What kinda sleazy ass area do you live in?

ashli said...

that is some crazy shit girl! you better keep those doors locked while Wade is at work and when you LEAVE the house!

kudos to the police for not waking the bambinos up!

ginny said...

summer- girl, you know CH is also known as "the ghetto"...I'm still thinking it's some swinger from next door who heard how HOT I was:)

Anonymous said...

Holy Schmoe- that's crazy! I'm sure Peanut & Curly would have protected you. Really, though, please start locking yor doors. Thursday I have to tell you a story about my friend Rebecca that'll convince you to keep that back patio door locked. Or does that thing lock?!? I'm sure Wade is on top of it after that incedent. -Camille

ginny said...

camille- don't worry our house looks like Fort Knox now! We've got fences up and light 'aglowing on every corner of our house!

lcmossman said...

I love that Wade was about to get all NYPD on the intruder! I have to say, that's pretty random and I'm really glad that you're all ok. Not to sound like a broken record, but lock your doors!

ginny said...

Just for the record ladies, the doors were locked!! He wasn't getting in unless he broke a window...let's just say this: Wade would need a lot of practice to go NYPD; he was waiving that gun around like a dead fish!!

ashli said...

Oh Wade! I love You!

brooke said...

ashli told me about it on the phone. that is scary! i am really bad about leaving my doors unlocked too, but now that we had some hispanics move in a few doors down, i'll be re thinking that!

brooke said...

I just re-read my post from last night, I was just kidding!! That sounded really bad! and I can't delete it!