Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Goodbye USPO...forever!!

Why is it everytime I go to the post office there is a line a freakin' mile long? I swear to the heavens. I went in there to put some stamps on my envelopes to mail to the IRS and I stood in line for 15 minutes. in the same spot. without moving. I finally had to leave after making not one tiny step forward.

It's like the postal workers don't even notice that there are 25 people in line, 5 of them ladies over the age of 90. They just continue to talk to each other like they're on their lunch break. One woman had the nerve to actually go in the back and put the packages in the correct spot. Now, I'm all for putting the shit in the right spot, but, for God's sake, just put it on that little ledge behind you until the line dies down. And then there was the guy who hogged one postal worker for the entire 15 minutes that I was there. Oh, boy, they were having a gay old time just chatting about how much this versus that would cost and while you're at it, how much would this be? It was ridiculous.

And it happens EVERY time I step foot in there. I just slapped a whole bunch of stamps on the damn envelopes and flew to pick Grace up at school. I'm officially done!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Done with the postal service, huh? Good luck with that one! Geez- they really do suck, but that's cuz they've got the monopoly. Damn government agencies. which one do you go to? I love the new look and Sydee's latest video, BTW! -Camille

ginny and wade starr said...
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ginny said...

camille- no, really, I will never step foot in there again! I'm taking my bidness to Mailboxes Etc. from this day forward!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know you can buy stamps online and then print them out at home. They also have stamp machines at he PO.

Overall, I agree. I waited at the one on Shartel for at least 30 mins to mail Jen a present. They had one person working and she said "Nobody better rush me. I've been here since 8:00." Hello? It's your job lazy-ass.


Anonymous said...

I know this is your blog but my post office story trumps yours! I had Ava in my arms and she had just exploded out of her diaper and was visibly covered in shit up to her shoulders and then of course my tantruming two year old screaming and tearing packing supplies off the walls and I just waited in line for 20 minutes and finally get up to the counter and needed a hand taping the box up to mail...no way would they help me!! I offered to pay an extra $5 for someone to just put the damn tape across the top and they refused...don't get me started. I honestly started to cry at the counter b/c I was so frustrated! I'm NEVER going back as long as I live!!! Meredith