Friday, October 06, 2006

to all my peeps

Dear Internet friends!
This is Sydney here, and I just wanted to let everyone know that they can just stop worrying about me RIGHT NOW! I here you people talking about me (right in front of me no less!) And I just want to set the record straight: I'm a lazy ass! and simply am not walking because...I don't want to! I can crawl faster than I can walk and, frankly, think it's kinda funny to worry my mom. I stand up, she asks me to walk to her and I simply sit down. Now that's comedy. I'm leaving you with this little video of me taken by my mommy (God, her voice is annoying!) just to prove to you all that I can put weight (heavy as it is) on my cankles/feet. Enjoy!

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AKA the wimpy warrior AKA the crusher AKA the biatch


brooke said...

Love that video. Love the face. Can she and Charley be BFF?? I think they'd be great high school biatches together.

ginny said...

God, Brooke, we can never get them together when they're 15!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Syders. That girl is too much!

lcmossman said...

She is a riot. You know, she'll be walking soon and then you'll be wondering why you ever wanted her to start!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mommy--

Nice pretending you were me!!!
I'll put up with crusher, but wimpy warrior-that's gonna cost ya tomorrow-and as for biatch!!! Well, I am going to con Daddy into giving me three donuts, two nilla wafers, and one bar-bar; and then guess what--BOOYA!!!!! I'll show you what a lil' sweet innocent girl can drop in her pants that'll make you wish you were not saying such poopy things about me!!



Anonymous said...

OH Sydney- you so crazy! I,too, love the face, and I have to say that wimpy warrior is my fave name -Camille

Maja said...

Love the video - Syd has grown so much since August! Read about you working with the public defenders - you go girl. I am so happy you are taking time for yourself and following your passion. I'll give you a buzz over the weekend. love and miss ya'.

ashli said...

Oh, Diddy I love you!