Monday, October 23, 2006

Grace-isms Part I

I know I have been writing a lot about the ever-changing, always-darling Sydney. Today I thought I would hit ya with some funny Grace-isms that she's let out lately.

1. After getting some dessert from Deep Fork with her friend Anna she says, "Triple Score!!!!!!!!!!!"
2. She asked me if (her uncle) Matt was a teenager. I said yes to which she replied, "why is he so nice then?" Good point.
3. When something potentially bad happens she lets out, "SNAP!" Really don't know where she got that one because the only person I know that says that on a regular basis is Ashli's husband, Chris.
4.She says "Garvage" for "Garbage" and "velt" for "belt".
5. When I told her Sydney would be getting her "mole" removed she asked, "will it come right back when she looks at daddy dad?" (my dad has a mole in the same spot as Sydney)
6. She brought up the fact that she wants a brother (ha!ha!)to which I replied, "Oh I really don't want to do that again, Grace." She then reminded me, "yea, that would mean your stomach would have to get all filled up with air again and you would be HUGE like last time!!"
7. And the #1 funniest thing she has said to date. We were talking to our nanny, Raye, the other day and she asked if she could move in with us. Raye said, "But Grace, where would I sleep?" to which Grace replied, " I know, you could sleep on top of my daddy!" I shit you not, she said that. Raye and I looked at each other and started rolling. To which Grace got angry and huffed off for laughing at her. Some laughs I can stifle, but that was not one of them!

There are plenty more that I'll post at a later date!


ashli said...

Come on Ginny have one more! (baby)

Don't you wish it was only air and that easy to get rid of??

Love those 5yr olds! They are funny funny!

Between the garvage and brekthast and mini vanjos they keep us laughing and in their eyes of course that is not always the best thing to do!
My all time fav has to be sleep on top of my daddy though, that is classic!

lcmossman said...

You know you want to try for the 3rd...after I give birth shortly, someone's got to carry the torch!

brooke said...

the kids are so funny at that age. oliver says lots of funny stuff, i just can't remember it. i need to write it down! love the laying on top of daddy comment. classic!