Saturday, October 14, 2006

Please humor me

I know, it seems that I only post things about Sydney on this blog. But really, she's the one going through all the damn changes and doing the super-cute-baby-things. Everyone that knows me, knows that I also talk about Grace (although lately she has been more of a thorn in my side!). Next post will definitely be dedicated to her. But, for now, here is that little crazy girl doing what she does best!

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brooke said...

Ok, well, she's way smarter than charley! I think Charley only knows a kitty sound. I guess I'm gonna have to start, you know, TEACHING her things? She's too cute!

brooke said...

ps. like the new layout. very happy! (the blog feeling, not me necisarrily) god, i really can't spell worth shit.

jenofthenorth said...

that is a great is adorable. (love your new header!)