Saturday, December 23, 2006

random pics

Not a lot going on over here minus our small bout with the stomach virus...just found some cute pics and wanted to share.
The first pic is an obvious one and Sydney's first time on Santa's lap (she was asleep in her stroller last year). Excited aren't they?

the next pic is the little chubby ball in the bathtub


Grace was one of five little ducks during her kindergarten play...doesn't she look soooo cute (and young!)

trimming the tree with the girlies! In reality the tree had been decorated for weeks but don't they look cute!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ashli said...

love love all the pics! So amazing how much they have progressed with the splits! And Sydders in the tubby, too cute!

ashli said...

and the Santa pic, hilarious! They look dazed and confused!

brooke said...

fun! the santa pic is so funny, and the sydney girl is hilarious! Merry Christmas!