Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another Day with the Hens and Chicks

Just wanted to share some new cute photos I took today after descending on the Steel abode for much needed outdoor fun (thanks Summer!) Let's start with Sydney's favorite activity: eating! and then Sydney's second favorite activity: hitting on Jack Henry (nice hair dude! ) and then there is Sydney chillin' with Alys. Okay, I can see the pattern that is developing here. (f-you, it's my blog!) Just to prove that I can and do take pictures of other children besides the one and only Syd, here is a super shocking picture of lil miss Cate:

WOW!!! I think we all agree that she needs some french fries or something. And the final picture needs no description:

I don't really think Max wants to be there, wad'ya say? or Alys for that matter!

Happy Birthday, Leslie!!!!!

1 comment:

ashli said...

I love our time together! Always such entertainment! I hate that you beat me to the punch on posting these pics!