Sunday, May 07, 2006


this is what my baby sounds like on a minutely basis. why? she gained back all her weight, eating 4 7oz bottles daily including 3 large meals per day. Her main issue is that she doesn't want to sleep. If I even walk with her into her room she begins wailing letting me know that she DOES NOT want to take a nap right now but DOES want to whine for the next several hours. WOW! it hurts my ears. Thankfully my darling husband decided to keep her all day while I took Grace to various activities and even he admitted that she was a bull to care for. He was determined to get her to sleep more than 38 minutes and began driving her around until sleep prevailed. It seemed to work as she was much happier last night! Yea hubby!! So, I will now leave you with a couple of new pics of the kiddos. Grace went to a party at snip-its yesterday and picked out a beautiful gnome hat! UPDATE: Sydney has been asleep for 1 hour and 15 minutes! This is a record people!! I did 2 loads of laundry, folded them and vacuumed downstairs! All Hail Maria!! See, I really can do housework if I don't have a baby hanging onto my leg...very happy mommy right now!


ashli said...

Yeah! Glad you're up and running! THe blog I mean, no the baby!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey- found your blog, enjoyed it thus far! I keep thinking I need to join the club, too- maybe give Shannon a break from my bitchin' about my own daily monotony, use the blog as a sounding board, instead. All of our marriages will be the better for it! Anyways, maybe someday soon. See you tonite, I hope! -Camille