Friday, May 19, 2006

Deja Vu

When Grace was a baby, around 9 months old, she took a particular liking to my husband, her daddy. This age here:

That's good, you say, and I agree, but let's face it, it was slightly annoying too. If he walked into the room, she cried. If he walked out of the room, she cried. If he left the house, she...well, you get the idea here. It seems that her darling sister has followed in her footsteps at EXACTLY the same age. Our morning routine used to be so serene (okay not that peaceful), but pretty typical. We wake up at 7, Grace immediately gets dressed, right down to her socks, brushes her teeth and then joins Syd and I in the living room for a little Today show. We go in the kitchen, I make coffee, Grace's lunch and then breakfast for us all. Nice, huh. Wade comes down around 8, eats his breakfast and then gets ready for work. All the while, traipsing upstairs for a shower, down to the basement for his clothes, into the kitchen for coffee, etc. This didn't used to be a problem. Grace would usually follow him around the house spouting off stories from school. Now, as in the last week, anytime Sydney sees his face round the corner she immediately starts crying and trying to follow him. He then picks her up and she's ecstatic. Problem: he can't get ready. Grace has to be at school by 8:30. There is nothing I can do because baby#2 will have nothing to do with me. "EWWW mommy, I don't wanna play with her." Birthed her, fed her, changed her, rocked her, etc.etc.etc. and when he's around, nothing, no love. I remember when Grace went through this phase I jokingly told Wade that it seems she doesn't like to do things as a family, the three of us. And now, sadly, Sydney feels the same. She either wants one or the other, preferably the other. OY!


Keithclan said...

like to give you some advice, but I'm afraid I've never found any good way to deal with this traitor like behavior. I've threatened to sell them to the gypsies, tried to give them guilt with the whole "I gave birth to you" speech, nothin' but "da-da". But I do have some good news for another problem. There is a program called "Dropshots" that allows you to put videos on your blog! Not sure how it works, but it doesn't seem that hard. Hope that helps!

Anne said...

How I know that feeling. My oldest is a total daddy's girl most of the time and her sister is slowly joining her. It's just sad how that works out for us Mommas! Is it sweet revenge that our kids will wind up just like us? :)