Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Medals in may!!!!!!!!!!

First, I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone who offered encouragement and support to me during this incredibly difficult holiday. I really appreciate it.
Now onto more fun topics...like the most embarrassed I've been in 2006. Grace had her "gymnastic performance" last night and I think I'll tell the rest in pictures
"O.K. gymnasts see if one of your parents will jump in the pit with you! YEA!!!! ." me: that was actually kind of fun. wow, that felt kinda weird.
me: now wait a minute, I can't get up from this position me: no really, I need some help, Wade, dad STOP FILMING and give me a hand. Meanwhile, everyone, all parents, children, siblings, teachers are staring at me. I feel like its the innocent bystander situation and no one wants to help the victim here. And I can't quit laughing, but no one is laughing except my immediate family. People are ready for me to get out, BUT I CAN"T! thank you Grace for at least trying to help your fat ass mama. But, try as she might, she still only weighs 38 pounds. HELP SOMEONE!

thank you teacher-lady, it's about time. Notice the pit has cleared out and everyone is just waiting on me. Let's see how long the crazy mom is gonna laugh and thrash around. screw the kid, I definitely deserve a medal for that show-stopping performance.


Anonymous said...

OK- I really thought when we were there for Charlie's ceremony- "wow- I'd like to try to jump in there". But now I see the error of my way of thinking. Good Lord! But you look like such a good sport, and I bet most of the moms would NEVER have jumped in. That's what Grace will remember. -Camille

Keithclan said...

HaHA! It's that damn Jenny Craig and all that weight you've lost! It made you weak, didn't it? If I jumped in, which I assure you I won't tonight, I would probably bounce right out, or crash through the bottom, one or the other. I just hope I don't fart during the parent participation part of the warm ups.

brooke said...

awesome!!! that would have been me right in there with you!

Anne said...

that is so cool, i would totally have joined you in there as the cool moms. seriously...hello FUN!

ashli said...

I knew from the second she mentioned it that my big pregnant ass wasn't going near the pit, talk about never getting out!