Friday, August 25, 2006

The 90's

My anniversary has come and gone, but I thought it would be fun to take us through a path down memory lane, a montage of what would be the future Mr. and Mrs. Starr. I'm sure you are now jumping for joy with the excitement!!!!!!!!!!

This first picture was taken in 1995 the year that we met. Dare I tell you that I was a mere 22 years old (Wade was 25!) Don't we look the same! Just kidding, we look like babies.

This next picture was also in 1995, on our first trip to Las Vegas (we went together a mere 3 months after our first date...wasn't I so spontaneous and fun! Just like now! Not!) Once again, looking so young and in love. Take note of my fingernails, they're blue! WOW!! In fact, we are both blue from head to toe.

This picture was taken in '96 when we went to Phoenix for Halloween. I have no idea why I decided to dye my hair this color. All I can say was that I was much more adventuresome then. It's really not my best look.

This picture was taken the Christmas before we got married in 1998. We were looking a bit pudgy and tired. You could tell that we lived in Chicago at the time judging by how pale we were. Also, this was pre-Jenny Craig where I lost lotsa poundage before the wedding.

. And here is the final picture of the two of us on our honeymoon in Italy. I would kill to look like this again (...and I'm sure Wade would too). Note the street, that is actually a 2-lane road that we drove on-- very scary, but oh-so-beautiful.

Hope everyone enjoyed this little trip. I didn't include any photos from the '00's mainly because blogger only lets you do 5 pics and because the focus slightly shifted to the little ones. Have a good weekend!


lcmossman said...

I love trips down "Memory Lane." You look so happy and I know that you continue to have a happy marriage. Happy Anniversary, again.

PS: I was always partial to blue toenails.

ashli said...

It's so weird to look back at old pics and see how much younger we look! God, we're getting old quick, just kidding! Cute pics, thanks for sharing!

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Good times- that pic from Italy is gorgeous of you two & the city. Happy 7th. -Camille

brooke said...