Saturday, August 19, 2006

the ongoing saga of "DADA"

Sydney is a talking machine. Everyday she uses a new word appropriatley to my amazement. She's up to about 12 or so words including the following: hi, "lo" for hello, dada, daddy, "waa-waa" for water, "baa " for ball, "diddy" for Sydney, "Gay" for Grace, doggie (this is used for dogs, cats, cows, etc), done, up, "thee" as in 1-2-"thee" emphatically. I can tell she's way beyond normal in the verbalization department( not so much in the physical department, you know, she's kinda lazy about walking.) I think she may take after her mama.
Except she won't say "mama". I mean I am starting to think that she does it on purpose. I'll say "mama" and she'll say, "dada". I'll say "mommy" and she'll say "daddy." No lie. If Wade is in the room, she'll say daddy like a thousand times, looking at him, smiling. Me, NADA!!!!! Just cute smiles and sniffs and every other word in her ever expanding vocabulary. Now, here is the part that makes me think something fishy is going on. My babysitter, Raye, claims that she says mommy and mama all the time. Wade says the same thing. And anyone who has been around Sydney knows that she will talk on command.
So what gives?
And really I don't know why I care. I get so tired of hearing "mom" all the live long day that maybe I should teach her another word for mommy altogether while I still have time. Any ideas?

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brooke said...

BIATCH. that's a good one. it'll go over real well in preschool.
"Teacher, my biatch told me to always be nice to the other kids."