Sunday, August 13, 2006

OMG we're finally home

Did you miss me? A little bit? Sorry I didn't have time to post before we left, but last Thursday we went to Cuchara Colorado for one of my best friends weddings. You know, the one where Grace was the flower girl! That part was very exciting. She made best friends with the other little kids her age, which was really fun to see. During the wedding she whispered loudly, "THEY ARE ABOUT TO KISS," to her new little friend, the other flower girl. I can't wait to see the video with me glaring at her the whole time. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. The flight and drive was, as expected, simply horrific. Sydney was not the friendly traveler and had to be passed back and forth from mommy to daddy the whole way. And she developed this incredible screech that the other passengers did not find cute or appealing. The car ride was even worse. Lots of screeching and crying. I swear that child must have carsickness because she absolutely despises the car. I did my best to ignore her, as it seemed that helped better than trying to play with her. Oh I almost forgot. The airline didn't send my little red bag with all the essentials in it, such as toiletries, curling iron, perfume, and MY MAKEUP! Yep, the bag never made the trip to Cuchara and sat patiently for me in terminal 16 at the Denver airport. So that was fun too.
Once we finally arrived Sydney was beside herself and couldn't quite make it to the party on Thursday night. I wasn't too upset about that though. So the next couple of days were spent trying to keep her satisfied seeing that she wasn't up for much playing or partying. I have to give it to Wade, though. He was mom and dad on the trip and did a damn fine job of it. I was fairly busy attending to wedding things like decorating, hobnobbing, giving a (shitty) speech, standing up in the wedding and posing for pictures. So my hat comes off to him. The baby loved this though. I didn't think it was possible, but she is more of a daddy's girl than Grace was at this age. But, as expected, Grace was incredibly good on this trip and once again, handled Sydney's moods with ease. I'm sorry to say that I really don't have many exciting pictures to post from the wedding, but I do have one exciting revelation, documented below:


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Isn't that soooooo exciting! The only problem was that she spit the tooth out onto rocky terrain and we couldn't find it. We had to find a small white rock to replace the tooth with. It looked remarkably like the tooth even though she wondered why her tooth was so "crooked" looking. Oh well! She didn't know the difference.

Anyway, very glad to be home and I don't think we'll be taking anymore trips for a while. Can't wait to see everyone.


Keithclan said...

Msx screamed the whole way to and from the lake. And the kicker? Right before we left, he dropped our mp3 player into the dog's water bowl, and since our cd player in the van is broken, we had nothing to listen to but his screaming the whole way. Do they have boarding school for toddlers?

Is Sydney walking?

brooke said...

Glad to you made it back from 'Colorful Colorado' in one piece.

ashli said...

love love that toothless 5 year old smile! So cute!