Wednesday, August 02, 2006

more pics from the birthday

sorry, but I have to post some more pics from the event. They were too cute to pass up. Enjoy!

How cute is Charlie? what an adorable balloon parasol!

Now I'm sorry to say that Annaliese got the shit-end of the deal with this wimpy wiener dog; she doesn't look too impressed!

Even JH got in on the action, is this kid ever unhappy...hmmm, just give him time.

And of course the naughty duo, Grace and Anna! (If you're wondering about how these adorable girls could be naughty just remember the haircut debauchery of '05!)

And finally, it's SUPERBABY!!!!!!!


Keithclan said...

I'm not sure if eating can qualify as a super power, but if it does, my baby can TOTAlly kick your baby's ass!

5 kids and you can't managed to feature a picture of one of them?

ginny said...

hello! Did you see pic #2--Pierce and Lillian right there in plain view!!

Summer said...

Cute, Cute. Yeah she was really unimpressed with that balloon. She let the dog have it when we got home. I guess she figured a quick death was best. And the little boy is pretty happy most of the time, particularly lately (read my latest blog)!!

Keithclan said...

I said "featuring" my kids. Unless you are trying to prove Lillian is indeed the antichrist, #2 doesn't count.

ashli said...

Great pics! the one of anna and grace is too cute! Except that there's none of Jamie's kids and the queen Lily of course, jk! You really should put some of Lily Bea up if you have any from the festivities!