Friday, June 09, 2006

5 things I love about my baby

5. When I am getting her ready for bed, she "helps" me put the lotion on her by using her hands to rub it into her chest. So cute.

4. The minute I put her in the bath she shivers. Everytime.

3. When I'm cleaning off her face and hands in the highchair she proceeds to stuff any little morsel left on the tray like it is her last meal. Again, everytime.

2. If Grace happens to cry, she laughs.

1. She crawls over to the dog toy, pushes it to make it quack, and when she's got peanut's attention, throws it for her.

I was going to do something like this around her birthday, but I was so worried that she would stop doing one of these things and then I would forget it. I'll be doing one for Grace soon.

C'mon ladies, it's your turn. Let's hear your fave things about 'em.


jenofthenorth said...

great to think of these! good idea ginny!

5 things i love about my babe
1. her toothless smile
2. the way she wraps one hand around my neck when i hold her
3. how she holds my finger when she nurses
4. when she sucks on her binkie when she's sleepin and it moves moves moves then stops then moves moves moves again and again
5. that she appears to be a redhead

Anonymous said...

Ok- this is so crazy! YESTERDAY, I was smiling to myself about something that Charlie had done- one of her quirks- and I thought- finally, there's a real incentive for me to start a blog. To write down 'Things I Love About Charlie'. And then I see your post the next day- I'll start it tomorrow. Thanks for the sweet read- it made me smile. love the pic -Camille