Tuesday, June 27, 2006


This was our one and only "outing" for the kiddos last week. It's sort of a strange playpark having very little to do with legos except that practically everything in there is made of legos. For some reason I thought it would have something to do with playing with legos. I was wrong. It's kind of weak for an amusement park but better than, say, Frontier City. The cost of entry is the most I have ever paid, EVER! Get ready for this peeps, $53 for adults and ten dollars less for chitlins. I crap you not. Grace rode 3 roller coaster (that's all there were) and the water portion was shut down because of some snafu. Other than that there were a few play areas for the smaller kids. Moral of story: not worth the $$$. That being said, we still had a blast hanging with Mere and her kids and Sydney loved it. All the kids and noise, right up her alley. We had big plans for the San Diego Zoo and possibly Seaworld but we changed our minds after we were stuck in traffic for over an hour and Sydney SCREAMED the entire way back to the hotel. It was bad timing on our part as it was dinnertime for the chunky monkey. We also took a wrong turn which extended the impromptu road trip and Wade and I seriously considered driving off the cliff straight into the ocean. No, really, we thought we were going to kill each other. So, from that point on we decided we would just hang close to the hotel area and swim/play there. We saw no reason to venture that far again and I feel confident that we made the right choice. So on to some pics:
this first one is Grace in front of one of a thousand lego built characters.

the next pic is the good girl taking a nap at legoland, she actually slept for about an hour

And finally, back to the 2nd home, the hotel pool. Notice the droplets of water on her face...so sweet.

I had a couple more photos to show but blogger decided to be a pain in my ass! One of them was Sydney trying to get out of the carseat- it's really funny! Hopefully things will be better tomorrow for dear 'ole blogger.


lcmossman said...

For $53, I hope those legos were made of gold or something valuable. Sorry it wasn't all you hoped, but it sounds like you had a great time just spending time together as a family (except the screaming and thoughts of driving off cliffs!).

ashli said...

Cute pics! Love the one of Grace at the pool! Sweet face!

Summer said...

If Don and I had been there I am quite sure there would have been some arguing too. Not with each other, no no, but with the poor, pimple-faced girl that took the money and gave you entrance into the lego place. I am quite sure my cheap-ass husband and his equally cheap wife would have said something like, "You can take your $140 and..." You get the picture, not pretty is it?.