Wednesday, June 14, 2006

where, oh where did my little life go...

This parenthood thing is crazy. Today I was thinking about old times with the hubs, you know, before we were married, our wedding month, honeymoon etc. It's amazing what different people we are today. I could talk endlessly about this, but really, do you even remember how easy life was before kids. No, this is not a rant about how I wish I hadn't had kids, it's just a simple memory game. My biggest daily concern back then was what I was going to have for dinner (which is still one of my biggest daily concerns, but for very different reasons) and what I was going to do (or not do) on the weekend. Now, maybe my memory is all skewed, but, what in the hell did I do all those years? I remember that I worked full time, but that was a piece of freakin' cake compared to this (except for the dead man I had to see, don't ask, it's really too weird). There were no early mornings, no lunches to make, no cartoons, no naps, no playdates, no activities, no games to play, no barbies, no dress up, no pretending, no 5:00 o'clock meltdowns, no bedtime battles, no nothing! What the hell did I do? Please, y'all help me remember!! And why didn't somebody SHAKE ME and tell me how easy my life was. I remember people who had kids that I worked with and not once did they shake me. Not once did they look at me and say, "what the hell do you do all weekend?" Not once did they say, " matter what anyone says, it's really kinda hard and half the time really shitty." Not once did they say, " can I trade places with you?"
Now that I'm thinking this through (sorry you have to be with me for that) I really wouldn't want to trade places with the young punks I know either. I mean really. The lack of purpose and utter non-responsibility is almost a bore.

Well, maybe just for one teeny tiny day.


Keithclan said...

The sad thing is, when the kids are grown and out of the house, we will probably complain because there is nothing to do. Oh well, back to eating bon-bons....:)

Anonymous said...

Wow - harsh. Don't you have any friends without kids? "lack of purpose a bore" You and your 'hens' need to get a life! To me, listening to stay at home mom's is a freakin bore! Very cruel dude.